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Today there would be very rarely any office without a computer.  Any office unless it is a very small setup would have all its activities related to Accounts, HR, Administration etc., running with the usage of computers.  And the computers are mostly used to store important databases and correspondence.  Most of the offices are using computers only upto this extent leaving the actual potential of the  computers. 

Computers can  not only be used to store data but to share the data between many users of the data.   Data allocation, Data Processing, Data Reporting all these can be made very very easy making use of web-based software which can be easily developed and deployed. 

Any office with more than 5 computers can maintain a intranet website wherein data which is useful by all in the office can be pooled and provided in the form of a user friendly website.

Most of the activties performed by the Accounts, Administration and HR people in the office can be automated using the Web Applications. 

I can provide consultancy with regard to best possible office automation solutions with the available resources and can develop customized web applications to automate most of the office activities.