Die Spektakuläre Kätzchen Seite

Le Chaton Spectaculaire
What's that you say?

Didn't understand a word of that?

Don't speak French?

Or if you do, I was really just playing around with it and I don't make much sense?

Well, it means...

The Spectacular Kitten  =^o.o^= (that's a kitty)

I am the Spectacular Kitten.

Because, apparently, I'm a narcissist.
(synonyms:  vain, smug, conceited, arrogant, proud, snobbish, stuck-up, high and mighty..)

(Not really)

Anyway, on to the show!


Electric Kiwi
--I am rather fond of fruit, and the bird.

--A site dedicated to who else but Yours Truly? =^ ^=

My Lovely Live Journal--C'mon, you can't tell me you're not deliriously happy about being able to read my innermost thought patterns on a day to day basis...

Strawberry Fields Forever
--A Tribute to Strawberries

DeviantART--my artwork, photography, poetry, literature, and any other stuff I want to put up...

Banners--Random stuff I've picked up around the 'Net.

Cathair Utopian--all sorts of things of the draconic in nature...including bonding and such.

Electric Jungle--My cybercritters (from a lonnng time ago) and adoptions for you! ^ ^

Sangenfer--Curious, aren't you?  Go on, indulge.  Click the link. 

Come, let us dance like creatures of the night!