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This is the top Visual Basic tutorial that use easy approach to teach anyone to create computer programs instantly!

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There are many kinds of job positions available for the Visual Basic programmers in the IT market. You can become a VB programmer, VB developer, VB analyst, SQL programmer, .Net programmer, .Net developer, VB/SQL server programmer and many other IT jobs. Although you need to have other programming skills beside VB, mastering Visual Basic is a good start to getting a well-paid job in the IT industries. For the list of jobs available for VB programmers, you can refer to this links below:

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Welcome to Visual Basic tutorial!

Visual Basic is an easy-to-learn programming language. Everyone can master it in a short time.

Start learning  Visual Basic 6 now by clicking on the link VB6Tutorial . If you wish to learn Visual Basic 2008, please click on VB2008 Tutorial.

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       Author:  Dr.Liew Voon Kiong

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Please get a copy of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional to start programming.

Who Can Learn Visual Basic ?


VISUAL BASIC is the simplest programming language to learn. It uses syntax that is very similar to English language, so anyone who has fairly good command in English can master Visual Basic quickly. The following is an example of VB code:


    If   mark>80 Then


   ElseIf mark<80 And mark >59 Then


   ElseIf mark<60 And mark>49 Then


   ElseIf mark<50 And mark>39 Then




   End If


From the above example, I am sure everyone can understand the code easily!

Therefore, EVERYONE can learn VISUAL BASIC !  So, without further delay, click on VB6Tutorial  to learn Visual Basic 6 and  VB2008 Tutorial to learn Visual Basic 2008.

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