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I'm Vivek means wisdom but don't wonder to see me out of it sometimes. I'm a cool guy 23yr old studying engg.
I like everyone & love all nice pepole.My hobbies are writing poetry,painting,reading books on adventure,cultures & pepole,listning music,songs,watching movies.When i'm confused or out of order ,I just love roaming.I love children & it's great fun with them. I am quite enthu with sci/tech & enjoy doing something in that.
I have a loving mamma & caring papa. I love my younger brother & younger sister. It's my all little family.
My papa a typical bussinessman & mamma a typical housewife.I have been for very little time at my home & feel strange there with other pepole. But I love them & my hometown. it'a small town in India famous for sweet litchis. It's near Vaishali famous for being the work place of lord Buddha and birth place of lord Mhavira .It was the capital of Littchvi Ganrajya, where started the first democracy in world. It was also ruled by great Mauryas.
I am proud of my origin and being an
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