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Specialist in:-Diamond Rings,Diamond Nackless, Diamond Bangals etc. 


Jewellery is those gift of human which makes a lass or lady 'Bride' and a widow as a 'Bride' too which is the most happiness and warmst period of life. As any sentence or story will not be prety without its proverbs such as a spinster or lady will not be kind and sweet in absence of 'jewellery'. So, it is the most indespensible part of modern lady since the anciant period.

So, buy jewellery to add in your Beutifulness and Fairyness.

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Vijay Laxmi jewellers

Rama Nand Raj Kumar

Near Post Office, Main Bazar, Faridabad Old(Haryana)

Tel. No.:(S)261833(r)276178


We take orders for special hi-fi purposes


Mail us at:- vl_jewellers@yahoo.com

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