The Rotting 19, 1374

A War With Skullport

By Xorthaul Chaulssin


Many of us have always believed that Freedom of Speech was a Gods given right and that there were always going to be those who strongly stood by that. Unfortunately, we were wrong. Several members of Skullport, including myself, have had our Freedom of Speech violated in a horrendous way.

         Less than a week ago there was a site made for us where we could chat and talk amongst friends. This changed, as an increasingly obnoxious member of Skullport, started to insult and verbally attack a few important and active veterans. Soon this site became a place away from Skullport where we could vent about this offensive member, without insulting the community. To our surprise and misfortune, we were betrayed and word quickly got out about it and almost immediately we became the pariahs of the Port. Without warning we were demoted, certain rights taken from us, while the obnoxious  member walked away, although not completely unscathed, he has been only lightly punished for all his offensive remarks within the community and is allowed to remain in the community itself.

            Because of his effrontery, myself and others have been judged for these so called crimes, crimes not even committed within Skullport itself. Words were exchanged, yes, however what we have been charged with is what I believe to be a great exaggeration of the truth. The verdict of our fates within the Port have been decided and for those of us who have been banned and exiled, and those who have


not chosen enslavement we have moved on to better things. Instead we choose to create communities and sanctuaries of our own and improve on them, a place where exiles and others like us who wish to have a place to speak out are welcome. We hope to create somewhere even better than Skullport itself and all are invited to join us in making that a reality.


The only thing that has really changed over this whole affair is that a once great community like Skullport has been diminished. Many of it's active and great members either banned, suspended or enslaved. All of this over a single member who chose not to be apart of the community, to insult senior members, and refused to admit that he was in the wrong until finally pushed to do so.

Although the blame cannot be solely placed on this one person, the administrators and moderators of the site contributed to the entire problem by deciding to ignore it, and in the end they are only left with what few members choose to remain. Although this is a sad thing to happen, many of us would rather be able to speak our minds then stay in a place where free speech and open communication is shunned.








News From the Realms

Ched Nasad Under New Management

By Xorthaul Chaulssin

The once beautiful City of Shimmering Webs, Ched Nasad, has been destroyed and now lies in ruin. Ched Nasadís downfall came about during a massive riot that involved the Matrons of the drow metropolis, who, despite their loss of contact with their goddess, still struggled with one another for position. It was because of the actions of one Matron Mother Zauvirr that catalyzed the entire catastrophe. Unfortunately for her and all involved, her scheme to rise to power did not go quite as planned with the arrival of Quenthel Baenre and her entourage. The plotting Matron also had not counted on the destructiveness of the duergarís stone burning fire which quickly weakened the structure of the entire city. In one fell swoop the City of Shimmering Webs fell and most of its residents are now dead, with the exception of a lucky few who managed to escape. Unbeknownst to the now extinct Ruling Council of Ched Nasad, these events were orchestrated by a shadowed and secret group, the Jaezred Chaulssin, who are now the new managers of the former City of Shimmering Webs .

The Untold Path

By Soulfiend


I am the head builder of the PW The Untold Path and 
we are currently looking for more players to join us. If you play 
NwN and like to play drow we have an underdark available for you with 2 drow cities in it so far  and a Duergar city on the way. 
The Untold Path has been created by a project team of builders 
who takes great pride in crafting areas with detail. The tiles, 
sounds, light and everything must be perfect! 
Some features we have in the PW are: 

PrC HAK (adds a subrace system and
LOT of new classes and feats.) 
A deity system (Lolth is in it) 
Faction system (not fully done but drow is one of the factions for players) 

We host TuP on a double xeon with 2 GB of ram and a 100mb cable connection. 

Our site: The Untold Path
Our server: IP: