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Essentially I am against the death penalty because I do not believe that we,
as human beings, have the right to take life.

What we call 'justice' is usually 'vengeance' for wrongs supposedly done to us by other human beings.

I do believe in punishment when the offender is able to comprehend that what has  been carried out is morally wrong.
When a murder has been committed I think a prison sentence of 30 years with the hope of freedom for a changed attitude
is acceptable, provided the perpetrator is willing to do what has to be done in order to overcome weaknesses in character.
This means partaking in therapy, schooling and other forms of rehabilitation that is offerred.

No offender should be released until rehabilitation has been voluntarily completed and he/she has learned responsibility and is willing to become a fully functioning member of society.

Regarding child abuse and murder
I must admit that my commitment to the
anti-death penalty cause is not strong.

Should adults who molest, abuse and kill innocent children be allowed to live?
I am not sure what Jesus would want me to choose in these cases.
He Himself spoke out very harshly against those who cause harm to children.

I realise that many of these people have been abused and molested themselves and have come to accept such behaviour as the norm. I pray always that God will invade their minds and bring them to the truth. That their hearts will be filled with His Love instead of Self Love.

I myself would prefer that these very nasty people to be removed forever from society.
Of course this can and should be done by locking them away and out of sight for the rest of their natural lives. However, politicians, being what they are for the most part, manipulate the prison sentences and very often these child molesters are out on the streets once more and ready to repeat their horrendous deeds.
So, sadly, it seems that erradication by the state is the safest way.

Even in war zones children should be evacuated to safety and not used as shields against the 'enemy'.
In these times of war young children are trained to be soldiers and sent out to fight.
Not only do they get killed but suffer dreadful mutilation and are maimed for the rest of their lives.
Should such crimes go unpunished?

There is always the chance that the death penalty will eventually be abolished as there are many voices shouting loudly against it.
Perhaps some day these voices will be heard over those who do not wish for change.
I myself am not against change but not at the risk of beautiful and innocent lives being destroyed and lost.


8th May 2006

Today I came across an interesting article in the St Petersburg Times
which asks the question,
'How can you choose who dies?'

Read and contemplate.


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