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Welcome to the Vladi Project Inc. This is my new redesign web site I decide to go with
something basic that would just show what am all about. The reason this page is simple cause its just a personal web site, may add some eye candy feature but the goal is just keep it simply


Wow I cant believe its been so long that I even forgot about this website. Looking back at it I can tell I had a good looking project to keep me busy. Well keeping with tradition I will start to update this site first I have to download all the files again but I will make this my goal to practice my website skill with this project. Yay!! I found my project.


Well I been working on a side project I would like to releave. I like to present you to my online media album @ vladi.coolfreepage.com


ok its 2003 hehehe so am planning version 3.0 of this site am going to revolt it around my digital camera since I got tons of pictures I want to show. So expect something soon.


NEW YEAR EVE!!!!!!!!!! people yep another year went by. Well I have no idea what am going to do today, I hope I party hard hehehehe. Well in my head am planning a MAYOR redesign for this page, I may jump from 2.6 to 3.0 dont know hehe. Later People.


almost a month I dont update this site, well my html files are in somebody computer I need to get them today. Oh yeah today is Thanksgiving so happy turkey to everybody.


Up load my winamp playlist check it out here playlist


Well this week my computer got fuck up, I had to reformate it so I lost almost everything including my web sites and the new Gunterflower that I was working on :( I guess I have to start again from 2.6.1


Long time I dont update this website but behind the scene am still working on the new version 2.6.1 am just lazy to getting it done :). Well am been with a bad throat this week pretty much suck. Gunterflower is still being developt am still trying to come out with ideas for version 0.1.


Update coming soon :)

Oh yeah I turn 20 this sept I wonder what this year is going to bring me


Hello cyber chimps how you doing today. Well its sept 12 one day after 9/11 nothing much happen and thats a good thing all the terrorist know its over for them. Well I have been working on Gunterflower its coming along quite well. Not much to say about my personal like always just trying to make the best of everything in life


WOW finally update vladi [project] this is the best version up to date yet took me a while cause am so freaking lazy any I wanted for some reason I wanted to release this before september 11 I dont know why. The about me site is new but still not done I know I know I should finished it before I uploaded this but hey am just lazy. My birthday is coming up soon I wonder how is that going to be like :)


Was working on the site yesterday and so I decide to update my little plan :) the site is going great today I finished build #213 I wanna uploaded maybe later there not much differents I just fix the about me box and added a cool new graphic in the blank front page. the new graphic is a annoucment on a new project that I wanted to work on for a long time but I had creative block. The project is call Gunterflower its the web site of my design firm so am trying to build something that will represent me.


I upload a preview version of 2.6 for you people to see. Remember somethings are not working yet its to show a little change. Beta Preview


hummm seems like geocities took out that crappy bar ad and put a pop-up ad.

Got to love Y-100 check it out its the best radio station in Miami


well its 12 at night and I just wanted to update my little diary. Well the only thing is I got new glasses I got no picture of it yet but coming soon :) broke up with my girlfriend cause that was going nowhere ummm I finally got linux working occurs am still having problem when I want to do some stuff but am working on it its a complex os but I must learn it to advance and have the bragging rights to say I know how to use it hehehe as for the web site am have not work on it this week I have gotten lazy hehehe. Well kids asta la vista baby am kinda sleepy.


currently am working on Red Hat linux 7.2 am trying to learn about the infamous OS occurs am testing it out on my old machine 166 mhz (cyrix processor) with 64 mb ram (I borrowed it from another computer) with a old ATI video card. Dont have to tell you but this thing is giving me a big pain the GUI is running awfully slow am trying to get the Network connection going and the sound system working oh did I mention I had to install Linux like 5 times to get it working. Like I said am trying to learn this operating system.

Well the new version of the web site is coming along am working on some new graphics in photshop which I will include in the web site. Currently the build # is 209 am seeing that there is not much improvement on the code since am killing mostly every bug occurs geocities give me some erros which I can't control

oh yeah Winamp3 is coming out can't wait to have all the features include from beta3


hi everybody what's new? well let me just say am feeling great after that nasty flu I had but now that's all in the past and am here working again on my web site. Umm the spanish version of this site I took it out cause I got lazy and didnt wanted to update both sites. Right now I added a new Navagation changed new UI look :) and someother changes for version 2.6 also I try the whole PNG file thing but looks like geocities dont support it oh well.


Long time coming for this update well what can I tell you I been sick of the flu for the past 2 weeks I have lost like 5 pounds or more am trying to get back to good health but the flu just keeps coming back :( There nothing new to this web site just small fixes of somethings currently trying to come up with ideas for my new web site but I keep having creative block I been with this girl but I have not seen her for like 3 weeks :( am thinking about calling it off


Well I have gotten good review for this web site from Htmlcenter.com Its been easier to update now cause I dont have to synchronzie the left frame :) well am starting on the idea project for my new web site but knowing me I will still thinking for two weeks. Wow my social life has been a weird one my ex want to get back with me but she is on denial girls go figure.


Well people finally upload the new 2.5 version of my personal web site as you can see we finished on build#200. Well this version has a more stale UI for easy update fix some bugs like always but all that information of the Development log on the bottom. This site took way to long cause


Just here working on my web site still yes I know well nothing much to say about my life just me working hard at the gym so when I come back home to Miami people can see me all buff up hehehe. V2.5 is like 95% finished am just lazy so don't worry


hey guys am here updating this thing cause its been a while since I have. Well nothing new in my personal life just the same o same o. I was planning on upload v2.5 but then found out it still had alot of work to be done espacilly the spanish version some stranslation are really bad. On v2.5 I made the web site 800 * 480 friendly so the left window show but align with the right one :) . humm one more thing the spanish version may not be update for quite sometime.

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