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Have you ever tried to write an "About Me"?  I'm sitting here looking at a blank screen, stumped, and I'm supposed to be an author. It's like the stuff they make you put down on these computer dating services.

Well, I guess that's one thing about me.  I write books and ebooks. I am a published science fiction author with three novels currently out in Europe and recently released in the U.S. with another right behind any day now.

I write mainly high tech Science Fiction and all three novels use the same characters  (half American, half Russian) on different adventures.  My writer friends call that a "trilogy", but since I haven't decided whether to stop just yet, I'll refrain from using that term. My current project is a cookbook especially for guys because, like the hero in my books, I'm also a gourmet chef (Mary Sue anyone?). My wife has already published a Danish cookbook, so I can't be outdone.

At various times in my life I've been a diver in the U.S. Navy, a disk jockey, an electrical engineer.  I've taught physics at university, as well as computer engineering and design, computer programming and database administration.

My current day job is as a computer systems administrator, but I still have plenty of time to write (other than technical manuals).  I'm in the process of starting up an e-publishing company that will specialize in "unknown" authors.

What it boils down to is that I really haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up.

About the Author

The sad thing is, I have never had a hobby that I haven't made money at...that takes a lot of the fun out of the word "hobby".

In high school I was interested in photography (became the school yearbook photographer, which got me out of a LOT of classes).  Pretty soon I got good at it and began selling various pictures I had taken and doing portraits...there went the "hobby".

In The Beginning ISBN: 978-1-4116-3848-8
When a retired Seal, Mike Angel, develops an inexpensive new space drive and begins launching satellites from his suburban back yard, the local law takes notice. When he refuses to turn his invention over to the military, the government takes notice. When he blackmails the American and Russian governments into helping him with the first manned expedition to Mars, the world takes notice.
e-Book: $6.60, Paperback:  $19.85 (292pp)


Just In Time   ISBN: 978-1-4116-3851-8
Doctor Joseph Belisar discovers anomalous twenty-first century artifacts buried for two millennia at an ancient Anasazi site and suspicion falls on his friend, Mike Angel.
e-Book: $4.94, Paperback:  $14.99 (176pp)
(less than a large pepperoni pizza!)


Ad Astra
   ISBN-13: 978-1847285188

A mysterious explosion in China, Oksana is kidnapped, and SETI receives a cryptic distress call from deep space. Mike and the crew discover that not only is the speed of light not a limit to Vesna's capabilities, but they have cousins in trouble across the cosmos.
Paperback:  $18.76 (148pp)
e-Book: $6.95

In The Beginning

Since I lived just a few hundred feet from the ocean (San Diego, California), I figured that SCUBA diving would be neat...well, as a diver, Uncle Sam sent me on my senior trip to Vietnam.  No fun whatsoever.

In college I was introduced to my first computer -- about the size of the house I'm living in and less than 1/1000th the power and speed of what I'm sitting in front of at the moment (but it had 8K of memory!).  When I got tired of talking to myself for a living as a disk jockey, I took my hobby in computers and made a living for the next 20 years.

Once I saw that kids getting out of fifth grade were as good as I am with computers, I turned to telling my woes to a word processor...what do you know?  People actually give me money now to do that!

Science Fiction Writing

I guess my lifelong fascination with science and science fiction, space travel, Nicola Tesla, artificial intelligence (which I also made money at programming), the Russian people, and time travel made becoming a novelist inevitable.

Science Fiction
Most of my friends are over-aged hippies like myself.  We get together and reminisce about protest marches, bad wars, corrupt politics...heck, we can still do that!

I've also got a mixed bag of kids.  One's a cop (don't ask me how a hippie's kid turned cop), another married a Baptist preacher (REALLY don't ask how that happened), another is a mortgage underwriter, yet another is regional manager for a national defense contractor, and another is a semi-professional photographer -- talk about the establishment!  Here I sit playing computer games and writing science fiction -- great example!

        In the Beginning opens in the very near future with a hero who has developed a way to generate and control gravity using a combination of existing technologies. He manages to threaten and cajole the governments of both the United States and the Russian Federation into backing him and providing a crew of international scientists to accompany him and Vesna, his AI computer, on the first civilian expedition to Mars.
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Keywords: Science Fiction, Artificial Intelligence, Mars, String Theory, Tesla
InIn The Beginning - Science Fiction eBook The Beginning is available as: In The Beginning - Science Fiction Paperback

       e-Book or  Paperback
Ebooks and paperbacks
available soon through Cydonia Publishing

Just In Time
        Two years after returning from Mars, Dr. Belisar and a group of graduate students uncover several of Mike's "one-of-a-kind" personal effects buried three meters below the surface of Mesa Verde, Colorado.
        When Dr. Medvedev discovers that a 2000-year-old mummy they find at the site has a surgical pin implanted in its leg, the crew suspects that they had traveled through time and had also been there.
        So begins a saga of Vesna and her crew as they discover the lives and times of the ancient Anasazi, forefathers of the modern Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo peoples in the desert Southwest.

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Keywords: Science Fiction, Artificial Intelligence, Time Travel, Anasazi, Russian
Just In Time is available as:
    Just In Time - Science Fiction Paperback and eBook

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