Vladimir Khazin Photo Album

Welcome to Vladimir Khazin Photo Album.

About the author:

Vladimir Khazin

Email: vladimir_khazin@hotmail.com

Some from Moscow State Pedagogical University,
BA from Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Life Science,
Unfinished MA from Tel-Aviv University,  in the area of Behavioral Ecology.

Some other people are still working on it.

Current Occupation:
Software architect and developer.
I believe you would hire me for your next project.

The vast majority of the photos is about animals, landscapes, flowers, and some photos are about people. People who knew me could say I never liked people too much, that's why I did not dedicated my films to them. but some of people were worth the price of film, processing and subsequent storage and transportation expenses. 

My Best

Mostly animals, flowers, or landscapes.

Canada & US

New England and Ontario photos.

My Family

Arabian Babblers

Middle East Bird Species

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