Of all the vicious and bloodthirsty gangsters within Russian and East European crime, Vladmir Chechenko is one of the most incorrigible, as well as one of the most elusive.  His last known location was in Spain, where he was detained by authorities until he could be extradited back to Russia to stand trial.
Chechenko killed three guards in order to escape, and has not been seen since.  He is rumoured to have started a new life somewhere in Canada or the United States.
Although he holds no official affiliation within any particular mob family, Chechenko is a well-known and respected operator, specializing in transport, intimidation and "wet work."  Vladmire Chechenko is now wanted by Interpol in connection with a dozen unsolved murders throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.  Below is one of the only known pictures of Chechenko in existence.
Vladmir Chechenko being arrested in Spain, 2003
Caucasian male, between 38-42 years old as of 2003
Height:  5-foot-10 inches (188 cm)
Weight:  165 lbs. (74.8 kg)
Tattoos:  Russian lettering on chest and left arm; bear's head on right rear shoulder
Vladmir Chechenko began his life of crime at the age of 12, mostly car theft and shoplifting.  In 1990, Chechenko, along with thousands of other displaced citizens, was forced to relocate when re-districting became necessary following the collapse of the Soviet Union.  This left honest citizens wide open to the blossoming of the new Russian form of organized crime, in which Vladmir Chechenko took an active role, beginning as an affiliated soldat for the Pylev family, then working his way up the chain to a respected position as a "cleaner."
Said one former boss of Chechenko, "He was a professional through and through.  If he wanted to get to you, he would, no matter who you were.  No one was safe."  In 1995, Vladmir Chechenko participated in the brutal slaying of a politician's family in Kaliningrad.  Before authorities could subdue him, he fled to Europe, continuing his life of crime there.
Getting to Chechenko has been extremely difficult up to this point, and will likely not become any easier.  He is not afraid to run right over anyone who is in his way, and should be considered extraordinarily dangerous.
Vladmir Chechenko may be living under one of these aliases:  Oskar Grebenev, Alexei Duryanni, Remi Gasparov, or he may be using a variation of his own name.
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