Vladimir's Midi Dungeon
Welcome to my midi dungeon. Within these pages you will find tons of midis for your listening pleasure. While there are always changes being made, each section is complete and fully operational. Do please, feel free to take any one of these midis for yourself but DO NOT link directly to it. Enjoy your stay.
My Rating System
This is my rating system. This is only my opinion of how good I think each of these midis are. Remember, it is just my opinion, and yours may vary.
Lots of Sailor Moon midis here, along with other midis from other various anime shows or movies. Some of them may be repeated due to a few of them being in Japanese. Will be adding a lot of Dragon Ball Z midis in the near future, so check back frequently.
Midis of the theme songs of cartoon shows from the past as well as the more recent ones.
The newest section of my site. In here you will find lots of midis from your favorite Disney movies and TV shows, as well as some theme park music.
So far I only have Christmas midis here. I will be adding midis from other holidays as soon I come across them.
Songs from various movies, or a notable song from the movie.
Midis which I have found throughout the net, with no real category at the moment to go into.
Hundreds of artists and thousands of midis of your favorite songs are to be found here. Looking for a midi and cannot find it? E-mail me via the link below and I will do what I can to find it for you.
Midis of the theme songs of television shows from the past as well as the more recent ones.
Midis from video games ranging from the ancient Atari system to the newer Playstation. This site has been broken down into Collections, to make finding a certain midi much easier.
Since wrestling has merged pretty much into one federation, I will be overhauling this section very soon, and will divide it into past wrestlers, and recent ones. Check back frequently to see what happens.
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