Vlad Tsepis of Ghoul a Go-Go
Vlad Tsepis

Well great googley moo! Hey kids, it's been some time now since Creighton and I had to leave the old country. Gosh, we miss it so. Especially those wonderful peasants. They were ever so helpfull when our castle burnt down. I still find it amazing how quickly they responded. Looking back, it seems I had just crawled from my smoke-filled bed chamber and there they were, already on the scene with pitchforks, sickles, and buckets of paraffin helping with the blaze. Yes, those old castles go up quickly. They didn't expect us to survive. To see the looks on their faces when Creighton and and I came stumbling out...
Why, they certainly were good people. They even took up a collection so Creighton and I could be sent to America while they rebuild our castle. You just don't see whole villages coming together like that anymore. Even though they were poor and only could afford two one way tickets, they promised to send the return trip fare just as soon as the new castle was ready for us.
I do so wish they would hurry, though. I'm sure our work is just piling up back home. Creighton and I are keeping in good form in that regard. We have secured employment similar to that of our duties back in the old country: Internment Excavation Specialist, as it is called here in America (Creighton is my assistant). Fortunately, it is night work. This is just another example of how lucky we have been. Not many employers are sympathetic to medical situations these days. Also, a lot of the personal habits we have that might seem 'peculiar' to Americans (due to cultural differences of course)are overlooked. This is a very good thing when you consider that Creighton is hard to overlook!
Along with the prestigious title and relaxed atmosphere, we also get free living accommodations. The only catch, though, is that we have to work on the TV show,Ghoul A Go-go. I shalln't go into the particulars of the arrangment here, it is somewhat embarrassing. I mean vampires, really now! And they way poor Creighton has to prance around. Actually, I think he enjoys it. He's simple. I do get nervous, though, with all those children around. Oh the questions questions questions when one of goes missing.

Oh dear. I've just realized something; I've written the most boring home-page out of all of us.

It's getting early and I have kittens to boil- Pray for me.