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Welcome to VladiArt Web site!
De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum!

     About me


I was painting as far
as I remember myself...


Vlad Smirnoff

 Surreal Reality


Why do some people not remember their nightly dreams? Were they somehow erased? Or did they ever really exist? Why do many people dream in black-and-white pictures? Some have the great fortune of living an extra life in Dream, a brilliant, mysterious universe, a home of impossible adventures, and a lantern of Truth.

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 Inspiration by the Nature

Mother Nature is a unity, yet each one of us sees her differently, through a unique perspective. Humans are merely tiny aspects of Nature, microcosms that analyze, abstract, and admire Her as if we were beyond or beside Her.

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I wonder about the strange creative force that sometimes falls upon me with inspiration, demanding that I suddenly choose a particular subject for a new work. Perhaps these moments of revelation or intuition occur when I feel bored with the old, everyday world.

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To avoid overloading this site the collection of my artworks are presented  just partially

Paleolithic, Neolithic, ancient, and modern artists all agree: we have always been overwhelmed with the need to portray the nude body. There is no reasonable solution to this desire, though we may ask ourselves why. Better to seek our own nature and follow our artistic instincts.

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