Korea has been through many shameful experiences during the period of Japanese occupation. Among the most unforgettable incidents is the comfort women, which represents young and innocent Korean girls taken to serve for Japanese soldiers' pleasure during war. The issue still stands controversial, Japan denying and distorting the fact that they have done such thing. However, few weeks ago, an absurd event considering this subject broke out in Korea.

Korean actress, Lee Seung Yeon, released nude albums of herself, of which the concept was comfort woman. Immediately, heated disputes rose throughout the country. The issue was discussed on the television news, on newspapers, radios, and magazines. Lee Seung Yeon and Park Ji Woo, the director of Netian Entertainment, the company that planned and brought to action the Nude project, publically apologized to living comfort women. Park Ji Woo even apologized on his knees to them in front of company headquaters and said, "If the photos insult them, we will stop all photographing from now on (O Youn-Hee, "Lee Seung Yeon Nude Project Cancelled." Korean Herald:10 2004.02.17). "However, the comfort women asserted that the insult they recieved as the result of the album can be forgiven only if all the films and photos are burned (Choi Seung Hyun, "Jal mot het seup ni da." Chosun Ilbo:A8 2004.02.18).

Apparently, Koreans were excessively sensitive about the topic. But why, why are people so? What exactly was confirmed women, making these people so angry? And why, Lee Seung Yeon, a very citizen of Korea, brought out such thing? What was the purpose?