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My crazy paper on Muhammad!

All around the world, people have different views about Muhammad. What we all agree on is that Muhammad was a man and a founder of a religion that has grown and grown for centuries. But no one knows exactly why and how he came to believe what he did. He may have made it all up. Everyone has a different view, three of which I will discuss.

He could have been possessed by demons. A person might consider that a good possibility because how else could a false message have been placed in Muhammadís mind except by demons and satan? That person would view Muslims today as worshipers of satan, or of a figment of their imagination. Undoubtedly, if that such person wanted to witness to Muslims, they would show the good news of Jesus and show the proof that Jesus really was the Son of God, and Muhammad was a liar. I donít believe that Muhammad was possessed by demons. Anyone who is possessed tends to behave very much like an animal, and it is usually very clear when they are possessed. If Muhammad was possessed, youíd suppose that he would have had those qualities. If he had had those traits, no one would have listened to him or believed him. However, Muhammad affected many people and changed history. He mustíve had great charisma and people skills, to have convinced his stubborn kinsman about a one true God. Of course, one could argue, maybe he was possessed by demons anyway. He could have been possessed by a smart demon who caused him to act normal, yet mystical. Just enough to convince the people that they were in the presence of a prophet of God. There could be many more arguments. I just say, who knows.

He was insane. That certainly could be true. A person could believe that if they believe what he taught is untrue. If they believe that, and if they believe that he was sincere in his preaching, then they suppose he must have been insane. Muhammad was crazy, and he thought he was a messenger of God and that God was preaching to him in a cave. But despite his insaneness, he convinced many people. People who think that Muhammad is insane probably think of Muslims as idiots. How could they believe that Muhammad was telling the truth? Yet, they probably pity Muslims. All Muslims are being is completely trusting and completely devoted. Theyíre faithful. Itís not their fault if the religion that they were brought up with and all theyíve ever known was founded by a false prophet who was insane. A person could bring a message to Muslims about how could they believe Muhammad? How do they know if he spoke the truth? The only problem is, I think that Islam has a lot of good in it. Itís not so horrible that it should be crushed. Itís like Christianity and Judaism, only with a few slightly bad twists. A Muslim is generally good. The Quíran isnít that bad! I believe that bad Muslims have only been confused by power-hungry men twisting the words of the Quíran into something totally out of context. Yet there are some bad things in the Quíran. Thatís why I believe we should tell Muslims the good news of Jesus Christ.

Muhammad was a prophet. Of course, the people who probably believe this are the Muslims themselves. They believe this because it is their faith. They believe that Muhammad was the prophet of God and that he brought truth and revelations finally to our unknowing ears. Other people might believe Muhammad was a prophet and not be a Muslim, but I donít see how. Maybe they believe he was a prophet, but they just donít except his teachings anyway. Iím sure theyíd think of Muslims as just different people then them. Theyíd think of Muslims as way more devoted then they could ever be. Supernatural, sinless and seemingly amazing. They probably think they could never be like that. Itís no use to even try, too impossible. And theyíd have no message for Muslims except that of amazement. Or maybe theyíre Christian. They believe Muhammad really was a prophet. They just think maybe other people twisted his words. And they want to help those pitiable Muslims learn the true message. But I donít know.

I donít know if you understood my rants, which were hardly orderly and in the form of an essay at all. I didnít get much of a conclusion out of this paper, but I managed to put my thoughts on paper and think. Maybe you, whoever you are, got a conclusion out of this really crazy paper, which I refuse to make smaller or more orderly because it has my actually train of thought recorded. But here ends the paper. Hope you enjoyed!

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