Here in the year 2002 things are much different than I ever imagined as I was growing up. I was into SF early on, reading my mom's book-of-the-month selections. I knew about mutants and solar sails by the time I was ten. Damn. We don't have a Mars base yet, and forget about the moon. Of course, this feeds my inherent paranoia big time.

Some say we never made it to the moon at all, that the live TV was all produced in some backlot in Hollywood. I don't think so. I think we made it there, not once but twice

Was moon exploration too pricey a project for NASA?  The Soviet Union abandoned their moon projects as well. Hmmm. Something here don't flush.

Seems to be much evidence backing up the reality of reincarnation. Many cultures accept it as a given. There are  those who believe the Holy Bible  was rewritten to exclude reincarnation, the final warning about not messing around with the text notwithstanding..

The basic premise seems to be that souls recycle, growing and learning with each reincarnation.

My question is, are the number of souls limited? Thanks to exponential population growth, we have an abundance of bodies to go around. But, if there are more bodies than souls what is inhabiting the extra bodies? Or, are new souls continuously generated to keep up with the increase in fleshly temples. If so, there's a whole lot of new souls just starting out in their first lives with a whole lot of learning and growing ahead of them.

That explains much about today's world. We have either a large percentage of the population being soulless masses of protoplasm or newbie souls with all the social graces of a self-indulgent two-year-old.
We've heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce
the Complete Works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know
this is not true.
--Robert Wilensky, University of California
It seems maybe the borders between dimensions may be thinning out......
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