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Hey, Whats Happenin? well you found my site, thats right this site is all about ME, my Friends and my Life!
  Thats me in the pic, I'm 20 and enjoying my life completly! I love the outdoors! Camping, hiking, swimming, snowboarding, scrapbooking, and going to the beach are all major parts of my life.
  Current news: I am living in CA and trying to find a job back in Oregon so I can come home. LA is a great place to visit but my home is in the country. I have a few possibilities I'm looking into right now and we will see where God leads me. I cant wait to get back to Oregon.
  Anywaz thats enough for now. If you have any ?'s or thoughts e-mail me. And feel free to browse through my site. God Bless-
~It's Me~
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