Louisiana Hiking Trip

Louisiana Hiking Trip


Saturday, March 05, 2005


Sam Houston Jones State Park





As I approached this state park, I was a little dismayed as to all the people that I saw.For me at least, the main point of a hike is to at least maintain the illusion that you are miles away from the nearest person.The last thing that I wanted to do was to was stare at the back of someoneís head for several miles as we marched in single file like a column of ants. 

Thankfully, my fears proved groundless as I actually got on the trail.I only encountered two other groups of people; one coming the other way. The other group, once I saw them, I was able to let them get far enough ahead so that I could maintain my illusion of isolated wilderness. 

The trail was soupy in several spots (thatís why itís called a swamp, duh).I also encountered several large fire ant mounds, so I was glad for my boots.No mosquitoes at this time of year, although I imagine that they can get unbearable in the summertime.I didnít see a lot of wildlife, just a few birds and several squirrels. 

The trail goes past the Houston River, and I spotted a while egret, though he took off before I could get his picture.The day was fairly overcast, but no rain, thankfully.This is probably the best time of year to go to this park, which is probably the reason it was so crowded.In summer, when the bugs and heat are at their peak, it might be less crowded, but probably not a pleasant.





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