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    The children went to see Maria at the abbey, but wouldn't tell their father.

    Captain: Now, it's not like my children to be secretive

    Louisa: We're not being secretive father

    Captain: Mm hm. And it's not like my children to be late for dinner!

    Friedrich: We lost track of the time

    Captain: Ah I see. Now who's going to be the first one to tell me the truth?
    Friedrich? - Brigitta? - Liesl?

    Liesl: Where do you think we were, father?

    Captain: Hmm?

    Liesl: Well if you don't believe us, you must have some idea where you think we were?

    Captain: Aha! Marta..

    Marta: Yes, father?

    Captain: You tell me

    Marta: Friedrich told you, father, we were berry picking

    Captain: I forgot you were berry picking!

    Children: Yes! yes...

    Captain: All afternoon?

    Children: Uhmhm!...

    Louisa: We picked thousands of them!

    Captain: Thousands?!

    Children: Yes!

    Captain: What kind of berries?

    Friedrich: Ah, blueberries, sir

    Captain: Blueberries! Mmm - mm!

    Children: Yes!

    Captain: It's um...too early for blueberries

    Friedrich: They were strawberries!

    Captain: Strawberries?

    Friedrich: It's been so cold lately they turned blue!

    Captain: Awww...Tst - tst, very well, show me the berries

    Louisa: Um, well...

    Captain: Well, show me the berries you pick, come on

    Louisa: Well...

    Kurt: We don't have them anymore

    Captain: You don't have them anymore, well what happened to them?

    Kurt: We...we...

    Brigitta: We ate them!

    Captain: You ate them?!

    Children: Yes!

    Captain: All of them?

    Marta: They were delicious!

    Liesl: Oh they were so juicy...

    Captain: Very well. Since you've obviously stuffed yourselves full of thousands of delicious berries, you can't be hungry anymore, so I'll just have to simply tell Frau Schmidt to, uh - skip your dinner


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