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Well...i am 5'7" Blonde hair, Brown/Green eyes..

ok here is where i go all out...i LOVE MUSIC!!  not like playing an i love listening to 311, Limp Bizkit, Zebrahead, 2 Skinne J's, i like country, Christian, SKA, list goes on and has become my life. I am goign to College in the fall..Yep im goign to Christopher Newport University :) and well im going to study Elemenary Education...either that or to become a radio DJ i could do that... um i love Tack and Field..i throw disc and shot...and i would love to be on the football team...but you kow how thoes guys are when a girl tries to come in on their sport :) um well i think that is all for this subject...YEAH!!!!

My friends:
Rachel M (my bestest friend)
Rachel L(again my Bestest friend)
Shaun C (he is sooo awsome)
John B (hes cute)
and i think that is it..well for my really good friends...i love them soo much...i dont know what i would do without them...oh yeah and John...i miss you...:) yeah yeah..John isnt "my man"...yet we are kinda for thoes of you that im not taken...but im very close... :) cuz right now...he has my heart :)