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Files Upload : April 6, 2003

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sample songs from The Violin Player (album)

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Violin playing is a physical art with great traditions behind it. At its best, it conveys the qualities of beauty, strength and mystique. It can evoke emotions, create moods and stimulate human reaction.

Of course, in the minds of some people, the music which I play on this album would hardly categorise me as a traditionalist practising an old art form ! I have been asked if this is a 'pop' album or whether it is a statement about what constitutes new style classical music. I don't believe that there is an answer or even the need for such a question. Playing goof music on the violin has a very high 'feel good' factor. I first felt this when I was 8 and I am lucky never to have lost the feeling.

So what I like, I will want to play. I have no wish to compartmentalise music. To me, music with its beauty, strength and mystique is for enjoying and for playing. This is the way of the violin player.

I have had fun stretching myself and both my violins working on this album, and I hope that you will listen and enjoy.

Vanessa-Mae : October 1994

< taken from "the violin player" CD's booklet >


The Violin Player : Contains

1. Toccata & Fugue in D minor J.S. Bach arr. M.Batt
2. Contradanza (3.54 mb) Mike Batt
3. Classical Gas (3.11 mb) Mason Williams
4. Theme from 'Caravans' Mike Batt
5. Warm Air Mike Batt
6. Jazz Will Eat Itself Mike Batt
7. Wildscreen Mike Batt
8. Tequila Mockingbird (3.17 mb) Mike Batt
9. City Theme Mike Batt
10. Red Hot (3.06 mb) Wherrry / Vanessa-Mae

Total Timing : 42.50
Short biography in CD's booklet
Self History  
Full Name Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson 
AKA Vanessa-Mae;
Nationality British
Born Singapore, moved to London aged 4
Birthday same as Paganini's 196 years later
Musical History  
First Music Lesson 1982 aged 3 on piano
First Violin Lesson 1984 aged 5
First Concert with Orchestra 1989 aged 10 with the Philharmonia
First International Tour 1991 aged 12 with the London Mozart Players in Mozart Bicentenary
Quotable Quotes 'supernatural', 'stunning', 'spectacular', 'superb', 'phenomenally talented', 'she is a true child prodigy. What she has, like Mozart and Mendelssohn, is maturity beyond her years', 'for this - her spirituality - you have to go back to Heifetz, Menuhin and Kreisler'
'Vanessa-Mae is a violinist to transcend labels'
Three classical recordings with orchestra, including violin concertos by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Kabalevsky and Mozart, and vertuoso showpieces by Sarasate, Wieniawski, Kreisler, Heifetz and Paganini.
1993-1994 First techno-acoustic fusion recording, 'The Violin Player' 
Superstition Walks over fresh spilt water between dressing-room and stage.
< refer to : "The Violin Player" CD's booklet >
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