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Files Upload : April 6, 2003

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Sample songs from Storm (album)

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* I have performed and recorded different versions of this in the classical side of my double life. The Bach Street Prelude in its other life is the opening movement of J.S. Bach's Partita in E, which I recorded in its entirely of 6 movements (mostly dances) on The Classical Album 1. In Bach's original version, or more honestly, in what we believe to be closest to Bach's original version. the violin is played unaccompanied throughout and any violinist is free to 'decorate' the music to each individual taste, as we thimk our predecessors also did, (albeit they would have done so on a violin which is physically different to the modern violinist's classical instrument). On The Classical Album1, I performed the Partita, including the Prelude, in accordance with this 'classical' tradition, which I go along with and like my fellow classical violinists, arbitrarily and with faith in our 'educated' convictions.

On this album, however, I have chosen to take a different approach. Abandoning the 'academic' restraints of how far I can decorate and individualise within the 'classical' tradition, Andy and I have completely re-structured the Prelude so that it tracks along in a fantastical journey with voices and rhythms supplied on electronic instuments and dustbins even! Anyone who thinks this is plasphemy is umlikely to be musically, intellectually or spiritually up there in the good company of a genius such as the pianist/composer Rachmaninov, who performed and recorded his own 'untraditional' version of violin piece on piano. Who knows - if had dustbins at hand, he may very well have used them too! Which version do I prefer? I love them both and choose which to play, according to my mood.

** Happy Valley in its original version was commissioned for the Re-unification of Hong Kong and released on The Classical Album2. Because Andy and I wrote it only recently and for the most historic event of this year, possibly this era, we feel that although it is classical, it is a contemporary piece of music because of what it represents. On The Classical Album 2, there are also two other works which were written and arranged very recently. The difference between them and Happy Valley is the subject matter. The other works relate legends, fables, things past and ancient; Happy Valley is different - it is about things happening now to China, to Hong Kong and it is about us, people living in this modern world who are witnessing these changes. Storm is a pop album, it is music for now and it should therefore include this piece, even if its musical idiom of expression and style is somewhat different from the other tracks.

*** I'm a Doun for Lack O'Johnnie is a Robby Burns poem, very sentimental and touching. The melody that is best known to accompany it is not by a classical composer. In fact, it is a folk melody. On The Classical Album1, I performed one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written for violin and orchestra called Scottish Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra. The four movements of the piece were all based on Scottish folk songs, hence its title. One of the song which inspired Max Bruch back then in the 19th century was 'I'm A Doun'. Researching and discovering the poem gave me more imagination when performing Bruch's version. Singing it made me imagine even more and hence this new version, which I hope conveys the purity of love and affection which the singer feels, as well as the adventurous spirit that has overtaken her loved one travelling to exotic and far away lands.

Vanessa-Mae : 1997

< taken from "Storm" CD's booklet >


Storm : Contains

1. Summer Haze Hill / Mae
2. Storm (3.40 mb) Hill / Mae
3. Retro Hill / Mae
4. Bach Street Prelude (4.05 mb) Hill / Mae
5. Leyenda Hill / Mae
6. (I) Can, Can (You?) (3.37 mb) Hill / Mae
7. Happy Valley Hill / Mae / Nicholson
8. A Poet's Quest (For a Distant Paradise) Hill / Mae
9. Embrasses Moi (You Fly Me Up) Hill / Page
10. Aurora Mae / Wherry
11. I'm A-Doun For Lack O'Johnnie Mae / Trad.
12. I Feel Love Bellotte / Moroder / Summer
13. Hocus Pocus (2.96 mb) Van Leer / Akkerman
14. The Blessed Spirits Hill / Mae

Total Timing : 66.50
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