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- Part. VIII -

Files Upload : April 6, 2003

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Sample songs from The Best of Vanessa-Mae (album)

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It's been eleven years since I made my first classical record, at the age of twelve, and seven years since I released my first fusion album, The Violin Player. Looking back, I can hardly believe how much has happened since then. When I first started out on a new path, creating a new type of music, I had no idea whether anyone would like what I was doing or not. So I was overwhelmed to discover that, in fact, millions of people all over the world agreed with me that the violin could be a contemporary instrument, capable of far more than repeating standard classical repertoire. I have continued to play, and will always love, classical music - it is my heritage. But I will also always want to experiment, to discover new musical experiences, and I can only thank all the people out there who have come with me on my musical adventure so far for their support. This is just the beginning, I can promise you !

Vanessa-Mae : 2002

< taken from "The Best of Vanessa-Mae" CD's booklet >


The Best of Vanessa-Mae : Contains

1. Art of War (3.71 mb) Vanessa-Mae/Youth/Prokofiev
2. Toccata and Fugue in D minor (3.34 mb) J.S.Bach arr. Batt
3. Destiny (2.92 mb) Vanessa-Mae/Youth
4. Nessun Dorma from Violin Fantasy on Puccini's 'Turandot' Vanessa-Mae
5. I'm a-doun for lack o' Johnnie (A Little Scottish Fantasy) Trad./Vanessa-Mae
6. Storm Original arr. Hill/Vanessa-Mae
7. I Feel Love Summer/Moroder/Bellotte
8. Bach Street Prelude Original arr. Hill/Vanessa-Mae
9. Aurora Vanessa-Mae/Wherry
10. The Original Four Seasons - Winter (ll) Vivaldi arr. Vanessa-Mae/Nicholson
11. Contradanza Batt
12. White Bird David and Linda Laflamme
13. The Original Four Seasons - Summer (l) Vivaldi arr. Vanessa-Mae/Nicholson 
14. Happy Valley Vanessa-Mae/Hill/Nicholson 
15. Devil's Trill (3.31 mb) Original arr. Vanessa-Mae
16. Solace Vanessa-Mae/Youth 
17. Art of War (with enhanced video element) Vanessa-Mae/Youth/Prokofiev 

Total Timing : 70.14

Vanessa-Mae needs no introduction as the world's favourite violinist. From her roots as a child prodigy recording and performing concertos by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Mozart, she rose to international stardom in 1995 with her ground-breaking fusion album The Violin Player. Since then she has uniquely continued to record both mainstream classical repertoire and her own brand of pop fusion music, in the process achieving over 40 platinum awards for her album sales all over the world. A busy touring artiste, she has new visited 48 countries with her own world tours, covering Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Australasia, while her television specials have been broadcast in over 100 countries.

< taken from "The Best of Vanessa-Mae" CD's booklet >

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