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- Part. IX -

Files Upload : April 6, 2003

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Sample songs from I Still Can Hear Your Voice (single)

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Apologize, for I haven't buy this single yet, all files I've download from fans forum at, you can find the link to that forum on my homepage and at the end of all pages in my mp3 section.

This not contains only songs from 'I Still Can Hear Your Voice' - single but including other songs from Dj Sakin and friends that our Vanessa-Mae playing violin on it.

Another of her works, Prince's Xpectation NPG Music Club Release of 9 MP3's on 01 Jan 2003 featuring Vanessa-Mae.

Vanessa-Mae performs on : track 1 - Xhalation  
track 3 - Xemplify
track 6 - Xogenous
track 9 - Xpedition

- Daniel -


This Part : Contains

1. I Still Can Hear Your Voice (instrumental mix) 4.27 mb
2. Reminiscing (radio edit) 4.21 mb
3. Wait For You 4.55 mb

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