Easy Whole Foods Nutrition
Easy Whole Foods Nutrition
In just a few minutes...
~ Grind Whole Grains and Coffee Beans
~ Make Soups, Smoothies, Ice Cream
~ Mix Sauces, Gravies, Desserts
~ Grate Cheese, Cabbage, Carrots
~ Finely Chop Nuts, Onions, Potatoes
~ Crush Ice
OUR STORY - Traumatic Jaw Injury
     Several years ago,  my 19 year old son suffered a traumatic jaw injury as the result of an accident.  He had emergency surgery and his jaw was wired shut.  The first days he had to eat from a syringe and then graduated to a straw for the remainder of the six weeks.  I ventured out to the grocery stores to figure out what kind of liquid diet I could feed this still growing young man.  Breakfast shakes had all kinds of additives that I knew were not healthy.   Soups also contained additives.  Providentially, I walked by a demonstration of a Vita-Mix.  Normally, I wouldn't pay attention to demonstrations in stores, but this one was meant for me.  The demonstrator was taking whole fruits (skin and all) and making smoothies.   She put a tomato, green onion, cabbage, carrots,  celery,  and jalapeno cheese and within minutes served a delicious, piping hot soup.  She used fruit concentrate, milk, carrots, fruit, and ice and made a wonderful soft ice cream in seconds.  I knew this machine was for me.
      Almost immediately everyone in my family was a fan.  Not only did it make it easy to serve my son healthy food during his recovery, it became the small appliance I use most in my kitchen.  My husband, who thought I'd lost my mind to spend that much money on a "blender", now promotes the Vita-Mix every chance he gets.  I use it to make smoothies, sauces and gravies, ice cream, soup and milk substitutes.   I grind whole grains for bread, chop nuts and vegetables, and grate cheese.  I know exactly what is in the food I am preparing for my family without spending the hours usually needed for making everything from "scratch".
     Whether you  have  a health emergency, food allergies, or are just concerned about  eating nutritious meals, the Vita-Mix  is a highly recommended tool!
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NEW!  Vita-Mix Super 5200
The Vita-Mix 5000 is no longer avalible.  It has been replaced with the 5200.
Milk substitute
Gluten Free
Heart Healthy
What's New in the 52?
New 2-peak HP Motor
     Customly Designed for Vita-Mix
Next Generation Container Made of Eastman Tritan Copolyester
Improved Sound Damper
       More Chemical resistant
       Contians No BPA
New Ergonomic, Comfort-Grip Handle
Easier to Remove Lid and Lid Plug
New Soft-Touch Switches and Dial
A More Elegant Look
Available in Black, Red, or White