Greetings venomous fans!! You have found the ultimate source of information on everyone's favorite Symbiote..Venom! I intend for this to be the best Venom site on the planet, it will contain every bit of information I know and hopefully with your help some I dont. If I have missed anything that could be of help, such as a appearence in a comic or just a cool Venom picture e-mail me at, any help would be greatly appriciated. Well enough of this..I'll let you see what you've come for, later Venomites!
   Welcome everyone, this page is dedicated to the greatest comic villian ever created.....Venom! This page will serve as the number one source for all things concerning the V-Man, from who he is and what he's done, to his greatest foes and his occasional allies. There will also be a complete list of all his appearances in comics, and by complete I mean every single guest appearance to his own limited series. If you have any question's regarding Venom feel free to e-mail me at, also if anyone has any information I have missed or appearances or hey even a cool picture or two send them also. I will also be accepting personal drawings of Venom that will be shown in the Venom Art Gallery, which will be added later, so if you have any drawings of Venom go ahead and send them and I'll get them up as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by...enjoy!
  Venomous         Information
Enter at your own risk!   Hooo-Haa!
   Just follow the links to the left to find the answers you seek, and be sure to check out the "Who's The Man" section, it will be a poll where You decide who's the most lethal foe that Venom has ever faced by voting for favorite. Once all of the opponents have lost but one...he or she will then face off with the Lethal Protector himself!
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