I, the purchaser, understand that  certain cable television equipment sold legally may nevertheless be used  in an unauthorized manner to aid in the theft of cable television services. As An inducement to the dealer to sell me cable equipment, I HEREBY DECLARE, under penalties of perjury, that I understand that federal laws and various state laws provide for substantial criminal and civil penalties for the theft of cable television services, and that all products I purchase from the dealer, now and in the future, will not be used to intercept any cable television signal without proper authorization from my local cable company and payment of all lawful charges, and I will only use the equipment in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws. I certify that I will not install any test aids in any cable company owned equipment or attach any test cube to any live cable system without obtaining proper authorization from local cable officials to do so. In the event that I am a dealer in cable television equipment, I will not advertise such product with the intent that any purchaser buy the equipment for the purpose of aiding in any theft of cable television services, nor will I sell or otherwise transfer any equipment I have purchased from the dealer to any third party who I may know or suspect will use any such cable equipment for the theft of cable television services. As a further inducement to the dealer, I agree to indemnify the dealer for any cost or expense which the dealer may incur as a result of my breach of the foregoing declaration. Additionally I, HEREBY DECLARE,  under penalties of perjury, that any devices purchased from the dealer . I agree that  these  are not being purchased by state or federal authorities or any employees or agents of any cable company or its affiliates to be used as evidence to prosecute the seller in a court of law. Anyone implying illegal use will be denied sale!!
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