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[200]CSS~203 version ageha [200]CSS~203 version ageha [200]CSS~203 version ageha [200]CSS~203 version ageha [200]CSS~203

a few words from VM: konbanwa minna-san^_^! finally a new layout(only this page though...) i've decided to take down the band pages(except for the Toshiya Shrine and Kamijo page) because they're so outdated. I might put them up again if I can muster up enough determination to update them^^; i'm sure they won't be missed anyway=-=;;

 DeG is currently touring America ne...ah, i wanna go watch them live! *sends her love across the oceans* anyway, please don't forget to send your comments to the authors and also report any broken links.

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DEG page 6 Midnight Butterfly pt 7-9, epilogue(completed); Yakuza pt 1-4 and A Passing Stranger by Shannon
  Lovers of Lost Dimensions pt 17-20 by Blackmalice
  The Great Manipulator pt 10(completed) by Lady7
  On The Edge of Your Breaking Point pt 2 by Agonize and Hitokiri Yukihime
  The Formalized Mafia Story pt 1-5 by Fern
  Pleasure and Pain by el Pucko
  Bound and A Game of Two by VanillaMint
Gazette fics Midnight Butterfly pt 7-9, epilogue(completed); and A Passing Stranger by Shannon
  Angels Don't Revive pt 1 by Agonize
  Blood and Ice by kurenai neko


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