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Crele, Black-Breasted Red, Black, Blue, Quail, and Blue Golden Duckwing

Welcome to VM's Bantams' Website! We raise quality Old English in Scappoose, OR. We hatch birds every year and usually have birds for sale. We don't dub, we have it done. I can't do that to my beautiful birds, causing them pain, but I take care of them afterwards. I'm Vicki and I own this Aviary. I am a member of 4-H and go to 4-H shows and other shows all year long in Washington and Northwest Oregon! I also raise Netherland Dwarf Rabbits and Pygmy Goats. Click below to go to the sites on my other animals.

Dixie Dwarf Rabbitry Blackberry Meadows

I hope you enjoy my birds and other animals. I hope you see that I have quality stock and love them a lot! Thanks for coming by!


Crele OEGB   Black-Breasted Red OEGB   Black OEGB   Blue OEGB   Quail OEGB   Blue Golden Duckwing OEGB

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