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30 September 2001

 i think i wont be able to watch the grand prix, because its too late for as i have class at 0900 this morning. all the best to mc laren mika and coulthard. to ferrari fans...congrats for this season. hope next year will be a challenging year like 1999. 


16 September 2001

 Ferrari...again and again..but i heard that mc laren is gonna hire Raikonen. very good driver at his class. i do hope that hakkinen wont retire for the next season.


3 September 2001

  Ferrari..again? haha.its like a routine plak. mcm tak yah tgk, dah tau schumacher sure akan menang. anyways, coulthard 2nd and hakkinen 4th, kire ok laa tuh. Fisichella 3rd tuh, should i call it luck? heh.tp kan, aku rase kalau race tuh extend lagi 20 laps. aku rase coulthard boleh pursue schumacher. coulthard pon kire untung gak, sbb dapat potong fisichella. darn fisichella. kalau die takde kat depan coulthard sure lagi dramatic. heh. but, kene admit la. benetton poon power jugak. sbb dapat tahan coulthard for..tah berape lap tah. dah la fisichella pakai tactic ape tah,..tak tuka tayar depan? for me, thats madness. sbb nanti sure sliperry. but nasib baik laa ade traction control. takde senang sgt die nak spin. well, agak sorry la. homepage aku nih, banyak yg tak update. tak larat la. okeh?


20 Aug 2001

  So, ferrari won again? congrats lade and the whole west clan. hakkinen dapat fifth. ok la. the car didnt broke down. Lade, this is a lucky year for you. ko patut try tikan no ekor. mane tau kene ker.aha. anyway, still working on the whole thing. maybe ready la tak lame lagi. insyaAllah. sbb aku poon dah actually naik malas la jugak. campur dgn tension skit skit. just added a new "life", pretty bored. now im really on the friends icon. byebye. nak mandi apstuh smyng isyak.


18 Aug 2001

  Hi..finally! the "pitcure" page is ready. its a bit confusing, but...ok laa.still worth it wut.maybe ade malu jugak laa gambar gambar nih.so sorry bout that. kalau rase tak puas ati. cepat cepat mail aku balik. ill sort it out first thing in the morning. especially to my friends back there in malay college. for those whose not in, dont worry. i'll update it from time to time. Insya Allah there'll be your face one fine day. 

 Anyway, faroq poon complain, page aku tak bercontent. aku admit. busan je kan? aku ingt nak buat guest book, tapi takut lak end up crappy je. karang tak pasal kene kutuk aku lak jadi mangse. tgk la. bile aku rase bosan sgt, aku update la lagi homepage nih. ok?

 Aha, almost forgot, sesape ade gambar extra, pass la kat aku. aku bleh tolong setelkan. digital ke tak digital. buleh~ gambar aku bosan siot.sume ade muke aku je and kawan kawan aku je. korang tgk poon muak kan? so rajin rajin laa passing kalau ade.

 Ok la thnx la for everything, faroq, lade, asahara..aku tau korang check page aku slalu.terime kaseh. bile lagi korang nak update? yg faroq nih. URL die poon aku tak tatau. susah laa mcm nie. lade? dah buat? hungarian esok wey. rase Ferrari bleh menang? and asa, thnx for the advice(s) really mean sumthing. chalo sume. enjoy.


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