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     As the academic year comes to an end a strange melancholy engulfs the moods of the outgoing students. The very thought that they would no more be associated with the college which has taught them so much in their lives would depress many of them. No more Association? Well not anymore, not really…!

    An Alumni Association VECAA has been formed by the students of the college. Now they can get in touch with the college whenever they want to, and from wherever they are.  The main idea behind this is to update the students, of the latest happenings in the college. All the outgoing students are the members of the Association. The annual alumni get-together, will enable all of them to refresh the memories of their most enjoyed days in their lives. Reminiscing has never been so easy!

    For further details, the students can contact the Secretary, VECAA  through e-mail at:vnecbellary@yahoo.com  

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