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I can tell you that I had  the great honour of being  Maria Reiche's friend
and could learn a lot from the eminent German scientist.
Now I run a "culture room" on the Nasca Lines,  where we receive tourists for the lectures about the famous Lines.
We also have original maps and documents, left by the great researcher Reiche.

Hopefully I will increase the size of the page soon, and you will be able to read about Maria Reiche's work on the Lines, as well as my efforts to conserve the Lines. For now, however, there is only some info on the lectures I give every night in the city of Nasca, Peru. So if you are travelling, or if you are working on the Nasca Lines yourself, feel free to come and listen to the talk, or exchange scientific knowledge.
Water is damaging the Lines. This "pointer" is one of the longest figures of the Nasca Lines.
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One hour explanation with abundant didactic material:

- A scale model of the same material as the zone of the drawings
- Cartographic reference maps
- Complete info about the work of Maria reiche, the scientist who worked on the Lines for 47 years
- Samples of geological material of the area
- Astronomic references and information related to the Lines
- Extensive info about recent studies indicating a straight relation between the Lines and the subterranean water system in the desert around Nasca.

The talks are directed towards:

- Peruvian and international tourists and travellers
- Students and academics of all levels
- The general public

The explanations are given in a direct and didactic way, providing a full overview of the majestic greatness of the Nasca Lines. Talks are in English or Spanish. With prior notification, talks can also be held in French and Portuguese.

If you are interested in organising temporary exhibitions about the Nasca Lines or related topics, in Peru or abroad, including the entire equipment and expertise, please do not hesitate to contact me. A small museum or permanent exhibition could also be organised jointly.

In solstice time (all of June and December), guided tours are also offered close to the Lines. This will enhance the understanding of the visitor, regarding the use of the Lines as an astronomic calendar.
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Tel: 0051 56 969 9419