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My Sis!
Check out my sister's site! She's just completed an awesome demo and will be starting her full CD in the new year... listen to her tunes, and let her know what you think!
Hurrican Juan!
Nova Scotia (where I'm from) was hit with a major storm at the end of September. We normally don't get fierce storms, and I don't ever recall a hurricane! This link will take you to the pictures I took the week after the devestation.
I went through an actual concentration camp in Austria; I walked through the gas chambers and touched the very beds that these poor people slept in.
Graphic Sources!
Links to where I got some of my clipart and backgrounds.

Check out some of my  "socializing pics" from various nights of debauchery. 
I've been through alot of castles and other historical buildings, but this was the only place that I experienced something *otherworldly*...
Mystical Places Some kewl pics; but page is still under construction! 

NEW!! Links to my Photo Albums!!

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This site has a way cool feature that tells me how many people visit all my pages...  I've noticed that there isn't much traffic in my travel section, which is the main purpose of this site.  I've got alot of useful information, tips, my own stories, and great pictures I'd like to share!! 

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