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Places Of Intrigue...

Ever since I was a child, I've been captivated by legend, mysticism, and folklore.  I've always loved these concepts and would quickly "inhale" book after book on these subjects. As I became older, envisioning these places with my imagination was nolonger enough, so I set forth to see the places that I had read about for so many years.

The photos to follow are all taken personally - some with a disposable camera! But for the most part, I'm quite happy with the results. I simply cannot express how exciting it was for me to walk on the same soil as these ancient wonders. Wondering about the people of so long ago, whose footsteps I was retracing. One can only imagine what secrets these places truly hold...

Subject 1 - Stone Circles

Britain and Europe have tons of stone circles dating back to the bronze ages. Along the land, energy paths criss-cross in different directions - these are called "ley lines".  These stone circles were built on various points of these lines. Although Stonehenge is amazing to witness, I found that there was no "vibe" with so many tourists buzzing around it.  (Total shame!!)  However, I managed to get to a few other secluded locations during my journey!

I found many of these circles were located on high hilltops, in which one would have to follow half-hidden foot paths that met several sheep herds along the way... It may very well have been my imagination, but if I were to describe the atmosphere of these lone places, my description would be that although I didn't hear a thing, the stones almost seemed to "sing" to me. Here are some, not all, that I've visited...

Glorious Stonehenge - I managed to capture a few solitary shots of this place even with the hundreds of tourists milling about... I think I managed to capture some of the circle's "spirit" in this particular photograph.

Nine Ladies Stone Circle - funny memory to finding these stones... while travelling through Britain, I had an uncanny sense of where places were although I'd never been there before. Upon finding the footpath to this place, I recall an old man sitting on a rock fence, totally alone and looking all the hermit; he was smoking a pipe, and he simply stared at us. Not a nod or a word he spoke... just followed us with his long gaze as we followed the path beyond the rock ledge he sat upon.

Swinside Circle (above) - Outer View

Swinside Circle from standing within

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