Now that you've given in your first auditions, in which you made a completely free choice about what to sing, your first challenge is being set to show that you can adapt to a song given TO you.

Although you aren't being given a specific song, it will demonstrate that you can
fit to a given selection of songs, and will give the judges their first real chance to begin comparing you to each other.

From this challenge, the judges will make their first cuts.

The challenge is as follows:

Perform one of the following songs in full with the backing provided...
(Click the track to download the backing)

"Songbird" by Eva Cassidy

"There You'll Be" by Faith Hill

"Amazing" by George Michael

"When I Fall In Love" by Nat "King" Cole

"Help" by The Beatles

Rules of the challenge are as follows:

1. You MUST use a backing in your performance, and it MUST be the backing provided by us.

2. You may change lyrics (within reason eg he/she), and you may sing ANY of the songs, although you may NOT cut the song short...!.

3. No more than FIVE people may choose to perform the same song. In order to reserve a song, you MUST post your
preference in the "song choice" section of the message board.  You may do this as soon as you have chosen which song to do, but once you have posted you may NOT change your mind, so be sure you are happy with the choice you have made...

Songs will be allowed on a first come, first served basis by the order in the thread, NOT by who submitted their songs first.

4. Songs MUST be submitted to before Noon CST (6PM UK) on Friday 6th May.

5. NO extensions will be given without express permission of the Host. If your song is not submitted by Noon CST
on Friday 6th May without permission from the Host, you
will be cut.

Good luck with the challenge!