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Enhance your Sound ...
with a solid vocal technique
My Approach to enhanced sound or vocal production is to allow you to discover your natural singing voice through a full understanding of breathing and relaxation of your body tensions. 

My philosophy is based on the basic assumption that everyone possesses a voice capable of expressing, regardless of his or her natural two-to-four octave range.  This range is used during various periods of one's emotion, or the complexity of one's mood and subtlety of one's thoughts at the time.  I also assume that tensions acquired through everyday living, as well as one's defenses, inhibitions or even another's negative reaction often diminish the efficiency of your instrument to produce a natural sound.  Therefore, the end product is distortion, and a less than attractive result.  Hence, our goal is to remove these blocks which inhibit your natural instrument, and to give you, the artist, fullness of your sound, and a sense of pride in your accomplishments.  As a result, one not only has a sense of confidence during auditions, but in one's artistry. 

This technique is used by many working performers with credits ranging from leading Broadway, Off-Broadway and touring roles, to classical actors who want to be able to "compete", to understudies and chorus members who have desires to move upwards by winning better roles.  Most students share the quest of sounding better and prolonging the life of their singing careers.  Whatever the reason may be, you will find this a guaranteed, healthy and positive experience as well as a safe atmosphere in which one approaches better vocal production.

My expertise and knowledge comes from twenty years of professional experience which include concert and stage performing, teaching, master classes, seminar & conference lecturing, as well as being a successful talent agent in New York City.  My experience in each of these positions is a great asset to my positive approach to what can be perceived as a "negative" industry. 
Introductory offer: First session is complimentary
                         One-hour sessions,
                         $45.00 at the uptown studio or
                         $60.00 at the midtown studio
                             evening/weekend times, also
Visa/Mastercard:    coming soon
Locations: In New York City's Upper Manhattan on the west side (15 minutes from midtown, and a block and a half from a subway stop, parking availalble in the area) or in midtown Manhattan (convenient to all transportation).
For more information, contact: Greg