Well, it is time for yet another serious article from me.  I know many of you have followed my story for nearly a year now, seeing my triumphs and heartbreaks unfold on this wonderful site.  Well...we're in another down turn, Sara, the woman many of you know as my one true love, has left me.  I know that it might be depressing, but writing is the only way I'll heal...maybe Sara will read this... considering she loves this site nearly as much as I do.  So let me give you guys out there a little advice.  If you ever find a girl that you love completely and totally, never let her go.  Let her know how you feel constantly...never take her for granted or assume she'll always be there, because one day...she might not, and you'll regret it for the rest of your life.  I had a girl like that...quite frankly she was the most amazing woman I've ever met, and I lost her.  Learn from my mistakes
guys, because its not worth the pain.  I also wrote a poem earlier today, that I'll post here... not knowing WHAT the reaction will be, but here it goes...

The End

I hope this makes you happy
I hope that you are proud
That my heart is totally broke
And my tears fall to the ground

All I ever wanted
Was you to love me and hold me tight
To take away my pain
And let me know it'll be alright

But now you just reject me
And push me to the side
I'm treated like the enemy
Love being my only crime

One day my heart will be free again
I'll no longer play the fool
I will love another
And forever wish it was you

Well... thats it, any rumors of me being a tough guy are shot now.  If you're
reading this Sara.... you will always be my true love, and I will never
forget you.

-Michael Lee Castleberry