Many of you wonder what it's like to run an incredibly popular, regularly updated website and frankly, so do I.  Here at the World Of Vocephus, we are constantly striving to bring you the very highest calibur in comedy, news and insight the internet has to offer.  The following photo play will give you, the readers, a glimpse behind the digital curtain to see exactly how the WOV maintains it's high level of excellence.
Families (mafia related or otherwise) all enjoy the WORLD OF VOCEPHUS!
You may have asked yourself, "What is it about the World Of Vocephus that makes it such a quality website?  Why to families gather together around the computer day after day to read the works of such modern day literary masters like Vomit God and Drunken Dwarf?  What is the cohesive element that binds this diverse world of wit and imagination together in one tightly knit package of glory?" Of course as webmaster, I'm by and large responsible for all the content you see on these pages.  But I couldn't (and probably wouldn't) do it without the help of the wonderful staff here at the WOV.  You may wonder just what goes into a typical update here at the site...
When word is sent out that an update is to be made, all the staffers gather together (usually at the local IHOP) and throw out new ideas for features or articles.  There are always many new ideas tossed around, but only few are deemed worthy enough to make it to the final stage of publishing.  Once the concepts are narrowed down to a few, they are voted on.
The voting process is very tedious, and can often take seconds, even minutes to decide what goes up on the page.  If a piece isn't up to snuff in terms of side-splitting hilarity, it is tossed aside for re-working.  (Unless there isn't anything else, in which case, up it goes!)
Please sir, can I have another?