By the Not-So-Annonymous Eaters, Vinnie Spagolia & Alberto Roberto
Well hello there, Kats!  Its time for another installment of our Adventures at Denny’s!  Yes. I know I know the excitement is overwhelming!  Well, for this adventure, we find ourselves once again at the “Pink Denny’s” located in the infamous Downtown quarters of San Diego. 

Date:  12/28/00

Location: Downtown, San Diego the “Pink Denny’s”

It was supposed to be a low-key night for the two of us, but it didn’t work out the way we planned.  After a long night at work, we found ourselves hungry and bored and decided to go in search of something edible and possibly something fun.  No luck…we found ourselves at Denny’s.  The pink Denny’s is a familiar location for the two of us…always the possibility of drunken good fun from the locals. (Please refer to
the first installment of our adventures to learn more about “The Pink”)  Well, upon arrival, we knew it was going to be a great night.  The place was filled with cops.  At first, the hostess tried seating us next to the “ 5-0 “ but we knew what was in store for the night and decided to be difficult and sat elsewhere.  (For some odd reason, cops bring the “bad” out of us) We were seated at a fine table…but the waitress tending the area in which we sat was definitely an appetite- killer!  Let me elaborate: she appeared to be Mexican, was short and stout, nothing unusual…until you look at her eyes!  Not only did she have that lazy-eye thing going on, but also the one that was “lazy” was oozing some sort of puss out of the corners. It was the worst to look at!  While she’s taking our order, she sits next to us and proceeds to talk about various what-nots.  Her company was not appreciated only because she was heinous to look at.  Well, after avoiding eye contact, we ordered, ate, drank our sodas, and then came time for the check.  She gave us the check and since we still had some soda left, we continued on with our conversation and sat there for a good 45 minutes.  45 minutes in which every 2 minutes, I (Vinnie) violently banged my empty glass of water with a fork.  It made the most pretty “ching” noise...and being easily amused, I continued.  After about a dozen or so nasty looks from other patrons, the manager comes up to our table (who looked like an overweight wanna-be Don Juan) and asked us to stop.  Here’s the conversation:
Don Juan: (placing hands on table) “Please refrain from banging on the glass.  You are going to break it.

Vinnie: (slowly glancing his way…laughter proceeds) “The glass is not going to break!”

Don Juan: (gives the “parent-look” you know the one that non-verbally says shut-up and listen to me!)

Vinnie: (picking up fork again) “See!” (Proceeds to bang on the glass again)

Alberto: (laughing…grabs spoon and bangs on glass as well)

Don Juan: “I am asking you to leave now.”

So, we were kicked out! 

All in all, the fries were soggy but the soda was good, and the “5-0” didn’t even look up from their coffee and dessert!


Date:  January 18, 2001

Location: Downtown, San Diego - the "Pink Denny's"

Once again, another boring night with no real entertainment brings Alberto and I back to the nearest Denny's.  Joining us on our little outing is Vomit God, The Villian Matthew, and Vocephus.  Upon entering Denny's, Alberto is told to have a seat anywhere.  So, after taking some menus, we venture back to a table in the corner...a table for 4.  Since I was walking behind everyone, I get assed out of a chair and decided to go sit at the table at the other end of the room.  Well, as soon as I sit down, Alberto, Vocephus, and I start throwing some sugar packets back and forth to each other...when the one and only Don Juan aproaches us (to learn more about Don Juan...please read the review from 12/28)  Right off the bat we can tell he's mad.  He immediately turns to The Villian and (while pointing fingers) demands that we leave.  Don Juan recognized us from before (actually he said that he recognized The Villian) and said that we are to much trouble.  A little bewildered, we slowly get up and leave...screaming that there's hairs in the french fries and proclaiming that he likes to suck c*ck.
Still hungry, we decide to say no to Denny's for the night and visited the nearest Jack in the Box.