Hello and welcome to the second edition of my chat exploits. I was stuck on ideas for this edition. Go to random rooms? Have a theme? And then I realized, it is almost Thanksgiving! So I decided what better way to celebrate this bountiful feast of a holiday then by ruining it with chat! I learned some very important things. First stop, the Native American Chat Room.

   manshadow : hey dwarf
   manshadow : whats up
DaDrunkenDwarf : hi
   topanga_8 : You have the greatest voices in the World!
   manshadow : no staggering in here ok
DaDrunkenDwarf : I am just exploring rooms
DaDrunkenDwarf : wanted to ask some questions
   manshadow : who me?? thankyou
   manshadow : sure go for it
DaDrunkenDwarf : are you native american?
   topanga_8 : Porcupine singers are also good singers.
(What a random thought that was)
   manshadow : sure am
DaDrunkenDwarf : How do you feel about Thanksgiving?
   topanga_8 : Do you come from South Dakota?
   manshadow : good time to go home and get some turkey
DaDrunkenDwarf : Me? Hell no...I ain't no inbred
   manshadow : haha
   topanga_8 : I ment manshadow.
DaDrunkenDwarf : oops my bad...
   manshadow : no not me
   manshadow : im from montana
DaDrunkenDwarf : Good folk...Montanians
(I just keep coming up with them)
DaDrunkenDwarf : don't know any...just assuming
   manshadow : theres is nothing to do here
   topanga_8 : PLEASE dont leave the room?
   manshadow : no not in this room ... in montana
   manshadow : theres nothing to do in montana
DaDrunkenDwarf : I guess I am not the only one confused
   manshadow : montana is boring as hell
DaDrunkenDwarf : So back to the questions
DaDrunkenDwarf : You don't find the holiday offensive?
   topanga_8 : why is that?
   manshadow : no
   manshadow : i dont
   manshadow : why is what?
   manshadow : montana boring?
DaDrunkenDwarf : Don't feel the white man is on your back?
   manshadow : naa
   topanga_8 : Why is Montana boring?
DaDrunkenDwarf : Not upset about him invading on your shiznit?
(Yes I know...kinda ghetto...but we were talking about the MAN!)
   manshadow : because the nearest place that you would call a city is over a hundred miles away
   manshadow : at first sure
DaDrunkenDwarf : Interesting...
   manshadow : in school when you find out all the wicked stuff the us govt did to your ancestors
DaDrunkenDwarf : what made you change your mind, bury the hatchet in other words?
(Cliche, yes. Inappropriate, Hell no!)
   manshadow : 72 broken treaties the us govt did
   manshadow : and they still dont admit to a one of them
   topanga_8 : Even though iam white i HATE THE WITE PEOPLE and what we did to you. You are such a beatiful people.
DaDrunkenDwarf : Damn them crackers!
   manshadow : oh well that was in the past
DaDrunkenDwarf : true that
   manshadow : at first i didnt like white people at all
   topanga_8 : Well iknow.
   manshadow : then i went in the marines and now i got some best friends that are  white
DaDrunkenDwarf : I can totally feel you **pounds chest** right here!
   topanga_8 : But i care it with me always.
   SoaringHeart : loves peoples  s
   SoaringHeart : outside doesn't matter to me
   topanga_8 : Manshadow do you have a girlfreind?
   manshadow : no i dont.. do you???
   SoaringHeart : lol
DaDrunkenDwarf : Looks like we have a love connection!
(I mean, what better then a biracial couple united by their hatred for the white man, when one of them is white!)
   SoaringHeart : must be the ELDER in the room........rofl
   manshadow : hehe
   topanga_8 : I don`t have a boyfreind no.
   SoaringHeart : thinks manshadow is ticklish.....
   manshadow : alright
DaDrunkenDwarf : Well I will be off...other Thansgiving exploits to undertake
   SoaringHeart : ROFL.......((((((((DA ))))))))))
   manshadow : see you later big d

    Big D...I like that. People better start calling me that. It sticks, it fits. I am all about the D. So now we know how native americans feel about the approaching holiday. Now let us ask those white males that sit in their livng rooms watching football while their wives make Thanksgiving dinner what they think about the day...on to the ProFootball room!

DaDrunkenDwarf : Hello Jock lovers!
CYBERWULF : whys that?
Guest_powell : cant make money like socal
DaDrunkenDwarf : Anyone planning to watch some pigskin action on Thursday?
Guest_powell : drunkendork whats up
(Do not ask me why they decided to give me this name...Big D is better)
CYBERWULF : jack up the price of our water and we would
DaDrunkenDwarf : drunkendork? I am offended
Guest_powell : dwaff
CYBERWULF : Drunkendork eater!
(OK this meathead was out to get me for no reason...I could not stand for that)
Guest_powell : dwarf
DaDrunkenDwarf : ok....sure...that is my name...drunkendork eater...
CYBERWULF : eat any jocks lately DDD?
DaDrunkenDwarf : That made a whole lot of sense
DaDrunkenDwarf : Nope...I don't eat jocks...that would make me a cannibal
CYBERWULF : why dont u suck on the dork hangin' out my pants DDD
Host Sports_Bot kicked CYBERWULF out of the chat room: Inappropriate language for this room!
8CYBERWULF has left the conversation.
DaDrunkenDwarf : Thank you Sports bot
8CYBERWULF has joined the conversation.
Guest_powell : dork your team
DaDrunkenDwarf : No team...just interested in room
CYBERWULF : sounds like a homosexual too me, what do u think powell?
▀ucD─wg : mornin fellow niteowls
CYBERWULF : whats up Bdawg
▀ucD─wg : sup wulf
CYBERWULF : just chillin'
▀ucD─wg : you were here all night??
DaDrunkenDwarf : and making random homosexual remarks to people...keep it up wulf
Guest_powell : that a buc fan

    Damn that guy pissed me off. I wouldn't have included it but I wanted to show everyone what a moron sounded like. I felt that some people care little to none about the holiday. So I decided that to get the real dirt, I would talk to a crowd I can more relate with. Also they are the voice of our nation, the people in their 20s!

DaDrunkenDwarf : Hello peeps
Devitalization : Hello.
Wabbit_žeason : Hello.
Duck_žeason : hello.
(I had found the three amigos)
DaDrunkenDwarf : How would all like to get your opinions heard?
DaDrunkenDwarf : I would like to know about your feelings on Thanksgiving
Duck_žeason : That's as easy as opening your mouth.
Devitalization : Thanksgiving is a feast.
Duck_žeason : There is no longer any value to it.
DaDrunkenDwarf : true...but opening your mouth won't help on the internet...unless you plan on talking to the screen
Wabbit_žeason : There is too.  $29.00 for a turkey.
DaDrunkenDwarf : Let us try a word association game
Devitalization : That's why you have a microphone.
Duck_žeason : And this will benifit how?
DaDrunkenDwarf : I will say a word and each of you will write the first thing that comes to mind
Duck_žeason : I suppose.
DaDrunkenDwarf : ready?
(I wasn't sure this would work, but hey, might as well give it a shot.)
Wabbit_žeason : Sure.
DaDrunkenDwarf : Turkey
Devitalization : Food.
Wabbit_žeason : Gobble.\
Duck_žeason : stuffing.
DaDrunkenDwarf : ok...Indian
Duck_žeason : Grandfather.
Wabbit_žeason : Death.
(Damn that is morbid...if only the people from the first chat were here...)
Devitalization : Tradition.
DaDrunkenDwarf : Mashed Potatoes
Wabbit_žeason : Butter.
Duck_žeason : Salt.
Devitalization : Beans.
(OK. Beans? What the hell does that have to do with mashed potatoes?)
DaDrunkenDwarf : Pilgrim
Duck_žeason : White man.
Wabbit_žeason : Plaugue.
Devitalization : Criminal.
(Yeah, we know all to well what the white man is all about)
cuteee_c : lmao
cuteee_c : next word?
DaDrunkenDwarf : Plymouth Rock
Wabbit_žeason : That's not a word cutee.
Wabbit_žeason : Pebble.
cuteee_c : shadup wabbit
Devitalization : Manipulation.
Duck_žeason : Folklore.
DaDrunkenDwarf : America
cuteee_c : dumb
cuteee_c : j/k
Devitalization : Segregation.
Wabbit_žeason : Lies.
Duck_žeason : Anarchy.
(YES! I knew that this group would actually make sense! They know their stuff!)
DaDrunkenDwarf : Native
cuteee_c : hmmmmmm
Wabbit_žeason : Indian.
Devitalization : Trekkees.
(LOL!!! Since when are Trekkies native? Oh wait, this was brought to you by the same person who said beans.)
Duck_žeason : Turkey.
DaDrunkenDwarf : and finally...Thansgiving
Duck_žeason : Lack of values.
Wabbit_žeason : Immoral business opportunity.
Devitalization : Dinner for three months.
cuteee_c : a dead turkey
(There you have it folks, the true meaning of Thanksgiving straight from the voice of the people)
cuteee_c : wow
DaDrunkenDwarf : Great!
Devitalization : Thanks.
Duck_žeason : Thank you.
Wabbit_žeason : Ty.
DaDrunkenDwarf : I will be using this for an article of mine
Wabbit_žeason : So will I.
DaDrunkenDwarf : if you would like to see it, it should be up soon at www.vocephus.com
(There is nothing wrong in shameless advertising of the site. This is for you Voce!)
cuteee_c : k
Devitalization : Great.
Duck_žeason : k
Wabbit_žeason : OK.
DaDrunkenDwarf : Have a good Thanksgiving!

    While not my best chat experience, I did find it highly informative. I hope you all got the same spiritual insight I did. Now I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Now where is my booze...