"I, Vox Raucous will make known the truth of Jesus...with Rock-N-Roll!"  There was much carousing and carrying on, much to the dismay of other restaurant denizens.  But alas, there was a cause at hand!
After many hours of brow-beating, Bloody Rabbi comes to his senses.  "I have come to my senses!"  Jesus, always eager to make a new friend, is rather pleased with the new arrangement.
There was much rejoicing!  (As well there should have been!)
Zong!  Cox Robotica's internal servo system goes somewhat awry!  Precious gear lubricant fluid spews from every pore!
A Benefit Concert is held on behalf of Cox Robotica's well being and speedy mending.  There was much Rock-N-Roll and what-have-you.  Bloody Rabbi gets into the action!
Everybody's getting into the act!
The climactic climax!