Vomit God is ready to go!
You've heard it all before...all the kids are doing it.  And now you want to do it too.  But before you go about making some embarrasing social and legal blunders, let the World Of Vocephus' very own Vomit God instruct you on the proper way to locate, ingest, experience, and ultimately fit in by way of drug usage.  Are you ready?  Then let's begin.
An unexploited scalp is a veritable goldmine!
There are indeed a multitude of varities of drugs to choose from these days.  For this presentation, Vomit God has chosen crack-cocaine.  First, you must go about locating the drug.  Usually, a man in your local park will be able to provide you with what you need at a nominal price.  But a friend's dried up dandruff is also an invaluable source of crack, as well as other amphetamines and stimulants.
A nice, fine powder...the work has been done for you!
While scalp mining is much more cost effective, nothing beats crack bought out of the back of a van.  Crack comes in various amounts, depending on how much you want to spend, and how high you wish to get.  Vomit God has chosen some choice pre-packaged crack.  You will need a semi-solid surface on which to spread your crack on, such as a table, a bible, or a stripper's backside.
Notice how Vomit God has begun deviding his crack into lines.  This is how crack is portioned before ingesting.  The longer the line of crack-cocaine, the more intense your high will be.  Observe the relation in this simple equation:

crack line x length = increased high