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UPDATED 4-19-01!
How To Name Your Emo Band - You've got a soft side and a guitar...now what?
Wal-Mart Receipts - Derek's collection has been growing since 1996.
Wayweird.com - A collection of weird crap...other than this page.
Bonsai Kitten - Dedicated to preserving the long lost art of body modification in housepets.
The Critic - One of the best shows ever lives on...on the internet!
Psycho Ex-Girlfriend - Putting the "ho" in psycho.
Berries Of Doom - Berries...of doom, and such.
So You've Decided To Be Evil - A step by step guide to get you started in the right--er, wrong direction.
Vodka Chick - Probably not the sort of drunk chick you were thinking of.
Testimonial - Ever thought about drilling a hole through your head?
Soda Play - A really fun thing to do with lines and stuff.
Kill The Old Man From Zelda - You know you always wanted to, now you can.
Poo - A really bizarre world of random chat.
Bad Candy - Devoted to stopping good kids from eating bad candy.
Monkey Army - An army...of monkeys!  What more could you want?
Virtual Bubble Wrap - You really can do anything with computers these days.
The LIzard Man - Something like a Spider-Man villian, but much less threatening.
Head Bands - A nice list of all the bands with the word "head" in their name.
Send A Crap - One of the best ideas for a business I've ever seen.
The Chunder Photo Gallery - Pictures of people puking.
Absurd.org - This is what happens when hippies learn to use computers.
Meeza Monkey's Homepage - I want to think it's funny, but I just can't.
Happiness In Slavery - This site says so.
Search Bastard - The only search engine you'll ever want to use again.
DHKY.com - I have no idea what this site is about, but damned if it isn't fun.  Another good rainy day site.
Public Transportation Adventures - Why do only freaks ride the bus anyway?
The Garry Show - A bunch of weird puppets or something..
Zoo Doo - Buy animal poop.
Cool Caption - Can you come up with the best funny caption for the featured picture?
Dumb Warnings
- If they have to tell you, then you probably don't deserve to know.
Yet Another Jesus Page - Nothing new, I know, but this one is alright.
Mullet Madness
- Mullets!  Madness!  This site has it all!
Virtual Cow Tipping
- For those who can't make it out to the farm as often as they'd like.
The Mystical Smoking Head of Bob
- Not quite as clairvoyantt as the Toaster Oracle, but he's good.
Device For Perfusing An Animal Head
- Something you didn't think you needed, but could probably use.
Paul Is Dead
- A great collection of clues proving that Paul McCartney is in fact dead!
Stick Morgue
- Gruesome pictures of dead stick figures.
Stick Death
- Quality games and movies of stick figures beating the crap outta each other.
Real Doll
- All in all, it's basically legal necrophillia.  Eeire to say the least.
Buy A Cow Pie
- Better yet, buy two.
Penis Envy
- Worth a look alone for the look on the guy's face on the front page.
Jesus Diet
- Jesus Diet For Your Sins!
Gothic Role Models
- Spooky kids that give back to the community.
Kill Your TV
- TV is bad for you, and here's the essay to proove it.
Wierd Band Names - A very comprehensive, very humorous list.
First International Bizarre MPEG Film Festival
- First of many, we hope.
- This product cures an ailment common to so many men...bitter semen.
Norad Tracks Santa
- The ol' fat bastard is in our sights...terminate with extreme prejudice.
Eat Dangerously
- The anti-diet page.
Star Wars Personality Quiz
- Find out which Star Wars character you are most like!
Chronos Technologies Inc. - Time travel page from the future...check out the copyright date...spooky!
The Massachusetts Road Kill Pages
- The Unofficial Boston Drivers Hall Of Shame.
Celebrity Vomit Page
- Don't ask, just click.
Strip Poker
- Also known as the one good link I've ever posted.
Tour de Butt
- Pictures of varoius arses in varying senic locales.
How To Keep An Idiot Busy For Hours
- Finally, a high-tech version of the old school yard joke!
Fall Of Satan
- A really crappy, really religious game of sorts.
The Toilet Seat Reader
- Rants and such...assuming you have internet connection in your bathroom.
- Take your time...this site's a visual doozy!  Highly recommended time killer.
- Free deliverence!  Now, with swell MIDI music to further annoy demons!
Dead Rock Stars Club
- A nice list of those who have broken on through to the other side.
The Great God Contest
- My god is better than your god.
Geek Erotica
- Grab onto yer joystick, and plug this into yer USB port!
Society For The Future Husbands of Britney Spears
- Where I am proudly registered.
Jump The Shark
- When good TV shows went bad...an in-depth documentation.
Video Game Music
- A killer MIDI archive of that sweet 8-Bit sound.
Bert Is Evil
- ...and not gay, as we previously suspected.  Shocking.
Stinky Meat - Not for those with weak stomachs...but damn funny if you can stand it.
Do-It-Yourself Pope
- If you need more Pope in your life, then this page is for you.
How To Blend In
- Watch in amazement as Dean & Nigel...just sort of blend in.
Bobby Lental's Fantastic Homepage
- There is no truth in advertising on the web.
Running Man
- Talk about your marathons...this guy's running around the whole damn world!
Clownophobics Anonymous - Clowns suck.
Super Jesus - He's not just a Jesus...he's a Super Jesus.
- All the news that's fit to cut-n-paste.
- Almost the greatest ideas ever.
Robot Frank
- The story of a robot in a human world.
Radiskull & Devil Doll
- A ROCKIN'  series of web cartoons!
Brad The Game - Get a life...better yet, get Brad's life!
Virtual Crack - Send some crack to someone you love today.
Rusty Is A Homosexual - A touching story of understanding and acceptance.
The Music of Charles Manson - This is the Chuck I think of when I think Rock-n-Roll.
Who Would You Kill? - TV's most hated personalities...and the ones you wanna whack.
Kill This Man - One more reason to support the death penalty.
Nothing.com - They promise nothing...and deliver.
The Spam Haiku Archive - Over 15,000 Spam-Ku's in stock...watch the expiration dates...
David Hasselhoff Is The Anti-Christ - Shocking documentation!
AboveGod - Finally, someone bold enough to debunk education and God!
Ask Mr. Bad Advice - Q: Should I click this link?    A: Yes.
Learn Air Guitar - Online tutorial makes it easy and fun!
T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project - Exploring the possibliites of the miracle snack.
The Toaster Oracle - The toaster answers all of your 'burning' questions.
Anarchists Strange & Unusual Art Gallery - Art for the mind.
Whiny Goth Kids - Goin' Goth was never so much fun---er, I mean sorrowful.
Goth Warning Signs - Is your child a filthy GOTH?? Use these tips to find out!
RealityRun - Can you run fast? Hide well? Wanna make $100,000 in just 24 days? Click!
Piercing Mildred - Say what you will, it's more fun than those Net-Pet things.
Dead Alive - One of the greatest, goriest movies ever made.  It kicks ass for the Lord!
Santa's Bones - The Good News: Santa's real.    The Bad News: He's long dead.
Nude Man Carrot - You read it right.  Now make with the clickin's.
MIDI Karaoke - The site where YOU are the star!  Of what, I'm not sure...
When Good Toilets Go Bad - A fairly self-explanitory link.
Prom - Just one o' those pages you gotta see.
Save The Suburbanites - A good cause, or just because?
Crazy Grandpa - Not helping bridge the generation gap.
Jesus Of The Week - A new Jesus each and every week!
Jesus.com - Jesus on the web!
The Darwin Awards - Death was never so funny.
The Official Institute Of Cheer - And it is, too!
Burger King Killed My Baby - Another self-explanitory link.
Above Top Secret - Don't read this page alone in the dark!
Camp Chaos - Great web cartoons, including the Metallica NAPSTER BAD series.
Horse Balls - Exactly what you think it is.
Future Sex - Yes, but is it art?
The Dickies Official Site - Possibly the greastest band ever.
Mr.T Ate My Balls - An underground web classic!
Please Help This Boy! - You can't blame the guy for trying.
A Woman's Guide To Peeing Standing Up - This one's for the ladies, but I like it too.