Ah yes, Olde Mexico, land of the mariatchy band, the tequilla, the
spicy  women, the forbidden DANCE! We'll, not quite, more like land of old 80's
music, nasty beer, ugly short fat women, and im sorry, but they just lost  the beat. Since I have been here, all I have been doing is work, work, and  more work. My schedule is 9am to about 6pm or more, on account I now have two jobs. I work for the Original Akumal Dive Shop, and for Costa Turquesa (reservation, relastate place.) I am the only computer dork in the whole place, thus meaning, no more LAN parties, fucking mexicans wouldnt know what to do with a hub and RJ-45 anyway, probably try to build a fire out of it.

    As for my living arrangements, I live in a room with a view of the ocean, I'm
like 1 min walk from the beach and stuff, so thats pretty cool. My bed is  king sized, and my bathroom smells of shit, even though theres no shit in  there (never drink the water btw.) As for my computer, when I took it out of the box, it looked fine, then I turned it over and noticed that there was a  massive dent in the bottom of the case, and that the Harddrives we thrown around inside (fucking mexican airport baggage handlers THEY DIE! THEY DIE  AND GO TO HELL!, DO NOT PASS GO! DO NOT COLLECT NO FUCKING 200 PESOS!) So I had to take it apart and rebuild the fucker, and now it works some what. Still no EQ (Ever Quest) sadly. It sounds like I've been complaing this whole time, there are some good things about this place, I get to dive for free, thus meaning all my certifications are for free (thousands of dollars of training for  free is good.) Also there are 2 very nice , very tasty Swiss/Germans that  work here, Silvia and Andrea Fux (love that last name.) They are sisters, I will try to get some pictures for you guys ok? As for raping, and pillaging, I haven't found a sound way to do this yet, but soon, very soon, the Mexicans will know the wraith of OGRE!
::taps his fingers together:: MUAHAHHAHAA!! Well, soon i will be in EQ, once I figure out some Winproxy stuff, thats  about it guys. Talk to you all later