Hi hi hi, my little droogies, and welcome back to Vomit God's Album list. You know what? I love blue corn chips! They are the greatest snack ever invented. If it was up to me, this whole list would be sponsored by Trader Joe's organic blue corn chips. mmm! mmm! That's good eatin'! Well, hold on to your salsa, amigo, 'cause here's 40-31!
40) BLACK FLAG - THE FIRST FOUR YEARS (1984) Ah, the anger! The violence! The only good thing Henry Rollins ever did! It's all here and more! This album catches the seven inches from the Keith Morris, Dez Cadera, and early Henry Rollins years. It's all the hits your neighborhood love to hate, like "Jealous Again", and "Six Pack." The only thing this album needed was the "TV Party" seven inch tacked on, and it would have been higher on my list.
39) HUSKER DU - ZEN ARCADE (1984) It doesn't take a "Pinball Wizard" to see that this is one of the greatest concept albums of all time. I love concept albums where you don't know what the hell is going on, and by God, this is one of them. It's 1/2 pop with songs like "Chartered Trips", and "Pink Turns to Blue", 1/4 angry, violent hardcore like "Indecision Time", and 1/4 noise like "Reoccuring Dreams." Going back to the hardcore, oh man. Rarely has anger been captured so well on wax. Bob Mould screams like his nuts are in a fucking vise! But it makes great listening. A must have.
38) SEX PISTOLS - NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS, HERE'S THE SEX PISTOLS (1977) When I first heard this when I was 15, I immediately knew what rock'n'roll was. The roaring, wanky, Johnny Thunders rip off guitars! The pounding drums! The half-assed bass! And most importantly, the sarcastic, evil, don't give a shit lyrics and vocals! Ah, bliss! "Holidays in the Sun" opens up this battle cry and ends with the vengeful "EMI." "Anarchy in the UK" may have been about... anarchy in the UK, but the point of the song carries to all countries.
37) STIFF LITTLE FINGERS- INFLAMMABLE MATERIAL (1979) The first SLF song I ever heard was "Alternative Ulster," and it was love at first sound. Never had the subject of freedom, equality, and hating the major record labels been captured so beautifully. And best of all, Jake couldn't sing! If my band carried a message, it would follow the lead of Stiff Little Fingers. "Emergency" is one of my favorite songs, too.
36) BRIAN ENO - BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE (1977) MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS almost made this list, too, but sadly, it didn't make the first cut. Some people like classical music to kick back, but I prefer relaxing ambient keyboard stuff, like Vangelis, and Brian Eno. The first side is a proto punk masterpiece, and the second side are aural soundscapes. Arty, yes, but not to the point of being stuck up. Try "Backwater" and "Julie With..".
35) SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - THE SCREAM (1978) Ah, my dream woman, Siouxsie. Not only is her voice arousing, but she makes good music, too. This is along the lines of Joy Division, but not full of as much despair. Some of it sounds like it was recorded in a closet, which gives it a claustrophobic feel. The only qualm is that there's no pics of Siouxsie for me to solidify my dreams, but songs like "Carcass" and "Metal Postcard" make up for it mostly.
34) FUGAZI -REPEATER (1991) I got into a fight with my friend for the last copy of this in my Missouri hometown's record store, and I'm glad I won! It's funky, arty, and punky all at the same time. I can tell the influence of bands like Wire and Gang of Four right away. "Sieve Fisted Find" is great, and so is "Merchandise." On a related note, they put on the best show I have ever seen in my life!
33) WIRE - PINK FLAG (1977) Fugazi almost came close to outdoing their mentors, Wire, but close only counts in hand grenades and threats of Styx reuniting. Short, simple, snappy, and snarling sum this work of art. A friend of mine told me of a tribute band who played this in order and kept a timer so it would be played the exact album length! I want to try that! With songs like "Ex-Lion Tamer" and "Mr. Suit", who could resist?
32) REZILLOS - CAN'T STAND THE REZILLOS (1979) "Top of the Pops" almost made me kill myself at 16 because I couldn't stop humming it. Faye and Eugene are two of the only people who can get the two singer thingie down the best. (Besides John and Exene) It's pure punk pop mayhem that is sure to get your toes tapping and head bobbing. I love "Destination Venus", and no, I don't like Fag or Astrofag's lame version.
31) RAMONES - ALL THE STUFF (AND MORE) VOLUME ONE (1991) This is where it all began for me, kiddies. One rainy afternoon I picked this up from Soundtracks and my like was forever changed. I discovered punk rock! The three chord guitars! Ah, the shouted vocals! My mom even yelled at me for playing this too often and too loud! I'm actually cheating, 'cause this is two albums in one! Their first two albums to be exact. "Blitzkrieg Bop" is probably one of the first songs guitar players learn, and I haven't heard a bad word about "Commando." Rip roaring fun, and even though this may have slipped a bit on my list since I first bought it, it will always have a home in the top 50.
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