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DEMOCRACY - After a long battle with the provincial government, Democracy died suddenly at the hands of Minister John Gerretson and Priemier Dalton McGuinty, Thursday February 19, 2004 in the Council Chambers of the City of the Kawartha Lakes. A long-time resident of the late Victoria County, Democracy had suffered many set-backs following the late county's demise but was mistakenly thought to have rallied following a majority vote in a referendum last fall. When Minister Gerretson announced Thursday that majority rule did not apply in this province, Democracy was finally and brutally murdered. Democracy is survived by those citizens who still believe in her and have not abandoned hope. In lieu of flowers, please send letters to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and the Premier of Ontario expressing your outrage over their complicity in her death. The addresses can be found at A memorial service will be announced at a later date.