Updated Upcoming shows

Updated Upcoming shows

its been 7 months since I updated this site last, sorry about that. During this time The Rabies disease has been spreading. They have infected Peabody's (Ohio), CBGB's (NYC), and The Knitting Factory (NYC) amongst many local shows and bands in the Buffalo area. The DIY Debut CD, Get Infected!!! is moving quickly. The Rabies managed to move 237 units in the past 7 months and the number keeps growing..Keep in mind this was a total DIY effort and no Corporations or major record outlets were used in the process of selling these records.

GET INFECTED!!! has drawn the attention of these fine reviewers
BLACK ANGEL PRODUCTIONS (Antidote Records): (click here for review)
ROCKIN' BONES (click for review)
::::::COLD:::::: (Poland)review is in Polish (click and scroll down for review)
ROCK FIEND INTL. (click and scroll down for review)
GET INFECTED!!! has also sparked the intrest of these magazines
RUE-MORGUE (Halloween 2004 issue)
(upcoming)BUFFALO SPREE MAGAZINE (November/December issue)

And the lovely Ladies of The Rabies.....
Pictures of Lexi Lawsuit and Blair Bitch might also be used in LIFE magazine (this is not confirmed)
The Rabies have appeared on a couple compilations as well
Big Neck Records Pain in the Big Neck
The Un-bias Compilation

DISEASED, the 3 song demo is completely sold out.

The Rabies will be going into the studio again in the fall some time and hope to be on the scene with a new record in early 2005
The shows will be updated shortly with THE DOMINATION OF THE DEAD III and many more.
Thank you for stopping buy and help keep DIY alive

The beginning of the new year brings good fortune. The Rabies CD release party is on April 3rd at The Mohawk Place in Buffalo (more details to come) and things are moving full speed ahead..
The Debut CD will be put out by Vodka Distillery Records.

From the very conception of this disease in August of 2003 the idea of the first record being recorded and released entirely in a DIY fashion was agreed on by the members.
We at Vodka Distillery Records have always been about supporting DIY efforts from bands that have an insane amount of drive..
We have made it our soul journey to help them find International distribution for this record.
Over the last couple months we have been contacting promotion companies, distribution companies, webrings, radio stations, and utilizing many other promotional tools to find an outlet for this record.
We have succeeded!!!!
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