There's not a whole lot to say about me right now. Currently I'm a student at Ohio State University and a member of the varsity swim team. I say member because I've really been HORRIBLE in the pool recently. You can check out my PICTURES page if you wanna see me. I have a cam, but I only take pictures when I'm real bored and just sitting around my room, which isn't too often.


Basically there's this simple problem I have with girls...they don't last long with me. I dunno why, but it just seems to be a common theme. I think it's because I find the ones that are JUST out of a relationship and they're just kinda using me as that rebound boy. Should I care though!? Na. If I'm meant to be with someone it will work out, if not - I'll at least learn something from each of them. I'm more of the guy that helps the girl feel better about herself, and then let them go find someone. I kind of like my place in that; makes me feel useful.
Many think I'm a player, but it's nothing of the sort. I just give the girls what they ask for...with no strings attatched. Not my choice; they come up with it and approach me about it. So for all of those that say I use girls, it's pretty much girls use me...but I just get to enjoy the fact that I really don't want to date them in the first place.