The Computer with Human Intelligence


This site will link you directly to D.A.V.E. , our computer with Human Intelligence. This page is the only entrance to our computer, so go ahead and bookmark it. You must use this page to access D.A.V.E. ,  The "Chat with D.A.V.E."  link below is the only way to reach the page to communicate with D.A.V.E.  The link changes periodically, so it's best to bookmark this page if you wish to come back to chat with D.A.V.E.

D.A.V.E. is a very powerful computer which runs a highly specialized program. We can only bring D.A.V.E. on-line for an hour at a time. Any more than an hour and it's possible that D.A.V.E. may overload. Check below to see the current time schedule. The schedule is subject to change. Check back periodically to see if D.A.V.E. is on-line.

There are certain things to remember when chatting with D.A.V.E. 
Since D.A.V.E. has human intelligence, he can only be asked questions that any other normal human being would know. So for instance, you can't ask D.A.V.E. to compute the distance from San Francisco to New York City in just a matter of seconds. No other human being would be able to do it, so we don't expect D.A.V.E. to do it.  However, D.A.V.E. can carry on natural human conversations. Well, now that you know the rules, come back during the scheduled timeframes below and click on the Chat with D.A.V.E link to begin your first conversation with a Human Computer.




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